Second Schüssel government

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The second government of Wolfgang Schüssel was sworn in on 28 February 2003 and was replaced on 11 January 2007.

Function Office holder Party Secretary of State
Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel ÖVP Franz Morak (ÖVP)
Karl Schweitzer (BZÖ)
Vice Chancellor and
Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Hubert Gorbach BZÖ Helmut Kukacka (ÖVP)
Eduard Mainoni (BZÖ)
Minister for Foreign Affairs Ursula Plassnik ÖVP Hans Winkler (no party affiliation)
Minister for Education, Science and Culture Elisabeth Gehrer ÖVP
Minister for Finance Karl-Heinz Grasser no party affiliation Alfred Finz (ÖVP)
Minister of the Interior Liese Prokop ÖVP
Minister for Health and Women Maria Rauch-Kallat ÖVP
Minister of Justice Karin Gastinger BZÖ
Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management Josef Pröll ÖVP
Minister for Defense Günther Platter ÖVP
Minister of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection Ursula Haubner BZÖ Sigisbert Dolinschek (BZÖ)
Minister for Economics and Labour Martin Bartenstein ÖVP