Second Show

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Second Show
Second show film.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed bySrinath Rajendran
Produced byAOPL Entertainment Private Limited
Written byVini Vishwa Lal
StarringDulquer Salmaan
Gauthami Nair
Sunny Wayne
Sudesh Berry
Music byNikhil Rajan
CinematographyPappu (Cinematographer)
Edited byPraveen K. L.
N. B. Srikanth
AOPL Entertainment Private Limited
Distributed byAOPL Entertainment Private Limited (Kerala)
Fox Star Studios (rest of India and abroad)[1]
Release date
  • 3 February 2012 (2012-02-03)
Running time
126 minutes

Second Show is a 2012 Malayalam action crime film directed by Srinath Rajendran and written by Vini Vishwa Lal. This movie is the first movie of Dulquer Salman in his acting career.This is also a debut to Gautami Nair. The film, set in the backdrop of criminal gangs of varied varieties in Kerala, tells the story of young Hari who rises from an illicit sand miner to a smuggling baron in a short time. It stars Dulquer Salmaan, Gauthami Nair, Sunny Wayne, Baburaj, and Sudesh Berry.[3]


The film proceeds as the flashback of an ex-convict Hari (Dulquer Salmaan) narrated to a man he meets at a bus stop on a rainy night. It is revealed that Hari (whose nickname is Lalu) is a poor young man who works for the local sand mafia as a driver. He is friends with Kurudi (Sunny Wayne) whose real name is Nelson Mandela PP. One day while at work, Kurudi draws Lalu to a fight leaving the sand smugglers without a driver that causes them to get caught by the police. Now jobless, Lalu and Kurudi join the group of Chaver Vavachan (Baburaj), who is a financier, and take up the job of retrieving vehicles for non-repayment of loans.

Chaver Vavachan is the younger brother of a notorious former goon 'Chaver Antony' who dies due to a cracker burst by a young lad. Vavachan swears revenge and, after a wait of long 25 years, Vavachan finds the lad (who is now a man) at a hospital and bursts crackers on him. But because of unfortunate for Vavachan, he killed one of the henchmen of Vishnubuddhan (Sudesh Berry), an influential smuggler. Impressed by his courage, Vishnubuddhan takes Lalu into his gang. During one of Vishnubuddhan's deals, Lalu is betrayed by Vikidan, one of his friends and Vishnubuddhan mistakes Lalu for making away with the goods. Vishnubuddhan's son and friends severely thrash Lalu.When he is admitted in a hospital by his friends, one of his friend receives a call from Sachi, one of Buchan's henchmen and a constable of police. He is forced to move away from. After riding far long, he and his friends reaches in his another friend Saidu's house. There he lives with his friends by owning a tea shop. On the next day his friend Kurudi, who got job as a taxi driver, comes wored differently than before. He says to others that he met with Bhudhan'sson and beaten him and also that all are his including his phone.They receives a call from Bhudhan thinking that it is his son itself and says a load is coming on his way. From here Lalu and his friends starts tofight against Bhudhan. He however returns as a smuggler in his own right and starts overshadowing Vishnubuddhan. Angered by this, Vishnubuddhan kills Kurudi and Lalu avenges his friend's death by killing Vishnubuddhan and taking over his business. His friend Sachi comes to meet him and says Lalu to meet the new Commissioner of Policed. When Lalu goes to meet, he comes to know that Sachi, his friend is the Commissioner of Police Sachin R.Menon and he is eventually jailed. Back in the present, as Lalu finishes his narration, he sees Vishnubuddhan's son sitting in a car parked nearby. Realising it to be a trap, Lalu becomes alert but the man to whom Lalu has just narrated his story shoots him. Before leaving the man reveals that he was actually sent by Vishnubuddhan's son to kill Lalu. The final scene shows Lalu lying badly wounded but his hand moves slightly, revealing that his chapter is not yet over.


  • Dulquer Salmaan as Hari Lal (Lalu)
  • Gauthami Nair as Geethu (Geethanjali Janardanan)
  • Sunny Wayne as Kurudi (Nelson Mandela P. P.), Lalu's Friend
  • Baburaj as Chaver Anthony/Chaver Vavachan(Double Role)
  • Rohini as Lalu's Mother (Devaki, Sister of Janardanan)
  • Sudesh Berry as Vishnu Budhan
  • Kunjan as Janardanan (Lalu's uncle)
  • Mithun Nair as Sidharth Budhan, Son of Vishnu Budhan
  • Bibin Perumbillikunnel as Abu
  • Anil Anto as Neerali
  • Murali Krishna as Sethu
  • Ratheesh as Ummar
  • Aneesh Gopal as Vikadan
  • Baiju Varghese as Babu
  • Sam as Sunil
  • Vijay Kumar as Sachin R. Menon IPS a.k.a. Sachi
  • Noora Michael as Surabhi
  • Sundar as Abhi
  • Joby as Kochu
  • Sreekumar Kozhikode as S.I. George
  • Robin Wilson as Kuttu
  • Jayaraj Kozhikode as Ramettan
  • Kottayam Bose as Moopan
  • Dominin as Interview
  • Bibin as Sajan George
  • Sidhu R. Pillai as Shyam


Dulquer Salman made his debut in films through Second Show. Salman starred alongside debutantes Gauthami Nair, Sudesh Berry and debutant director Sreenath Rajendran. Debutant Vini Vishwalal has penned the screenplay and dialogue. Pappu was cinematographer and Sakhi Thomas was the costume designer. AOPL International Pvt Ltd produced the film. Kaithapram has handled the music. Avial band is also contributing with a musical number. Baburaj is also appearing in supporting roles. The Project Designed by Shaz Shabeer Strikers & Crew.


All music composed by Avial and Nikhil Rajan.

1."Adipidi"Nikhil Rajan3:30
2."Ee Ramayana"Sooraj Santhosh, Janani Madan4:19
3."Ee Ramayana"Janani Madan4:19
7."Swapnam"Naresh Iyer4:43
8."Swapnam"Jakes Bejoy4:43

Critical response[edit] rated the movie 2.5 out of 5 and said "Srinath Rajendran's film does have a head-spinning quality to it that leaves you dazed at times, but remains entertaining and witty to the hilt".[4] rated the movie 6.5 out of 10 by saying "Overall, 'Second show ' though with its share of little negatives, is an honest effort that deserves to be encouraged".[5] gave the movie 2 out of 5 stars and said the movie was disappointing.[6] in its review said that "Ultimately, it's an above average film, at best time-pass viewing. Watch it with no expectations and if you’re ready to think unconventional, this film could be a nice option."[7]


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