Second inauguration of Joko Widodo

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Second inauguration of
Joko Widodo
Joko Widodo second oath.jpg
Joko Widodo taking his presidential oath
Date20 October 2019
LocationDPR/MPR Building
ParticipantsJoko Widodo
7th President of Indonesia
Ma'ruf Amin
13th Vice President of Indonesia
— Assuming office

The second inauguration of Joko Widodo as president of Indonesia took place on Sunday, 20 October 2019 at the DPR/MPR Building, Jakarta. This ceremony marked the commencement of the second consecutive and final five-year term of Joko Widodo (universally known as Jokowi) as president and first term of Ma'ruf Amin as vice president.

Jokowi-Amin ticket won the 2019 election with 55.5% of the popular vote against their only opponent, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno.[1] After Prabowo's dispute was rejected by the Constitutional Court,[2] the General Elections Commission (KPU) declared the ticket as winners.[3]

Inauguration ceremony[edit]

The inauguration ceremony was started on 15:30 local time (08:30 UTC), 60 minutes later than scheduled.[4] It was held on the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) parliamentary session and is led by its speaker Bambang Soesatyo. As the inauguration was held in a Sunday, the assembly decided to push forward the session starting time, which usually held at 10:00 local time. The reasons were to give Christians, Catholics, and Buddhists to attend their respective service. It was also intended to not interrupt the weekly car free day held near the venue at the morning to noon with road closures;[5] the car free day event was cancelled anyway.[6]

Unlike the previous inauguration, cultural parades would not be held. The event's security involved 31 thousand personnel from the Indonesian National Police and the Indonesian National Armed Forces.[7]



Foreign dignitaries[edit]

1. Royalty leaders and the representatives
2. Presidents, vice presidents, and the representatives
3. Prime ministers and deputy prime ministers

Morrison's appearance was the fourth consecutive by an Australian prime minister in an Indonesian presidential inauguration, which dates back to 2004, the year of Indonesia's first popularly-elected presidential election.[17]

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