Secondary Education Examination (Nepal)

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Secondary Education Examination
Examination Board for Grade 10 in Nepal
Education Act2016 A.D. / 2073 B.S.
Year Started2017 March A.D. / 2074 Falgun B.S.
PredecessorSchool Leaving Certificate (Nepal)

The Secondary Education Examination, abbreviated SEE, is the final examination in the secondary school system of Nepal. National Examination Board upgraded from what was previously known as School Leaving Certificate (Nepal) or SLC.[1] Every student must take this examination for completing the 10th grade of their study (According to new Education Act) before they join higher secondary or intermediate level education (12th grade). The SEE examination is said to be scheduled in March of every year. The government has a great determination that the new grading system that has been recently implemented in the SLC examination will help the country to increase the literacy rate. As the new Education Act, 2016 (2073) has been implemented, the SLC examination will be taken place in Grade 10 as national level examination whereas the examination of Grade 10 will be known as Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E).[2][3] This new Education Act was implemented from 2017 March with 538,000 students taking it.[4]

SEE result 2076 is published in Ashar 12th at 3 p.M.[5] More than 600,000 students got their results. There are several ways to check the result. Among them, Calling 1600 is the best way to check S.E.E result.

Result Judgements[edit]

G.P.A. - Letter Grade

3.60-4.00 - A+

(Including 3.60)

3.10-3.60 - A

2.80-3.10 - B+

2.40-2.80 - B

2.00-2.40 - C+

1.60-2.00 - C

1.20-1.60 - D+

0.80-1.20 - D

*Note* Scores less than 0.80 GPA are not Acceptable anywhere !

SEE Reference For Students[edit]

SEEResult2076 - SEE Notes, Question Papers, Solutions


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