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Genre Electronic music, rock music, etc.
Location(s) Online
Years active 2007
Founded by Second Life

Secondfest is a music festival which takes place in the Second Life virtual world. Unlike other musical performances on the web which provide audio through individual web pages for listeners to enjoy by themselves, Secondfest offers an on-line community the ability to experience entertainment together, in a large virtual space.

The first Secondfest event was aired in June 2007 and was favorably received by the artists and Second Life users alike. The festival was conceived and produced by Sara Linfoot (head of digital partnerships) and Sarah Ellison (head of events) at The Guardian and curated by Sav Remzi of Tirk Records. This, the first on-line festival of its type, featured artists and arenas from the UK festival circuit. Secondfest was subsequently awarded the AOP (Association of Online Publishers) prize for the 'Innovation' category and The Guardian Achievement Award for 'Innovation in advertising'.

Day one[edit]

Artists that performed on day one included:[1]

Day two[edit]

Day two, making use of four 'stages', included the following artists:[2]


Other real world artists who performed include:

In-universe bands also played:[4] [* Strangefates][1]

  • DJ Jenns
  • DJ Doubledown Tandino
  • Slim Warrior

Also billed to 'appear' were:[6]

As well as the four stages, the festival site included a cinema, private beach party, games, roller skating, food court, bar, deer rides and walk on map.

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