Seconed Canyon Cone

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Seconed Canyon Cone
Highest point
Elevation 300 m (980 ft)
Coordinates 56°25′N 130°43′W / 56.41°N 130.72°W / 56.41; -130.72
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Boundary Ranges
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Volcanic plug
Volcanic arc/belt Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
Last eruption Holocene

Seconed Canyon Cone, also called Canyon Creek Cone is a cinder cone in the Boundary Ranges of the Coast Mountains in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is a volcanic feature of the Iskut-Unuk River Cones which is part of the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province and formed in the past 10,000 years of the Holocene epoch.[1]

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