Secor Metropark

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Secor Metropark
TypeRegional park
LocationToledo, Ohio
Coordinates41°40′02″N 83°47′20″W / 41.667222°N 83.788889°W / 41.667222; -83.788889Coordinates: 41°40′02″N 83°47′20″W / 41.667222°N 83.788889°W / 41.667222; -83.788889

Secor Metropark is a regional park located in Toledo, Ohio that is part of the Toledo Metroparks.[1] It is known for its wide open prairies and lush wooded area.


The park holds the most dogwoods of anywhere in Northwest Ohio, and most of Secor's tree trunks are buttressed - have extra wide bases - in order to remain stable in the park's swampy soil.

Wolfinger Cemetery, a burial site of Richfield Township's first settlers, is also held inside the park's boundaries.

In 2003, the National Center for Nature Photography opened inside of the park. The center holds the pictures of the most notable nature photographers in the United States.[1]


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