Secos & Molhados

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Secos & Molhados
Origin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Years active 1971-1974; 1977-88; 1999; 2011-present
Labels Continental (1973–74)
Philips (1978–80)
Polygram (1988)
Eldorado (2000)
Associated acts Zé Rodrix
Past members Ney Matogrosso, Gérson Conrad

Secos & Molhados was an innovative Brazilian band formed in 1971 and best known for their first two studio albums that helped launch singer Ney Matogrosso's career. The other two members were João Ricardo, founder and main songwriter of the group, and Gerson Conrad.


The first line-up, consisting of João Ricardo, Gérson Conrad and Ney Matogrosso, plus various musicians as John Flavin (guitar), Willy Verdaguer (electric guitar), Marcelo Frias (drums), Sergio Rosadas (flute), plus a special participation of Zé Rodrix was short-lived - only two albums were released, one in 1973 and one in 1974, both self-titled. This line-up achieved success, appearing in several television broadcasts and remains highly influential today. Matogrosso's unusual high-pitched voice helped create a distinct identity as well as the band's eccentric heavy make-up and outfits (developed by Matogrosso himself, with influences ranging from Brazilian indigenous peoples to kabuki theater). As much of the rock made since the Tropicália, Secos & Molhados' style was one marked by a broad fusion of styles, which included glam rock, MPB, fado and experimental music, among others. Most lyrics for both studio albums were adapted from the work of poets such as Manuel Bandeira and Vinicius de Moraes.

From 1974 onwards, the group remained active with only João Ricardo as the only steady member. They have released several albums through the years. Their most recent release is an autobiographic cd called "Chato-boy", featuring founding member João Ricardo with the addition of a new member, guitarist Daniel Iasbeck.



  • Secos & Molhados (1973)
  • Secos & Molhados Gravado Ao Vivo no Maracanãzinho (Live - 1974)
  • Secos & Molhados II (1974)
  • Secos e Molhados III (1978)
  • Secos e Molhados IV (1980)
  • A Volta do Gato Preto (1988)
  • Teatro? (1999)
  • Memória Velha (2000)
  • Ouvido Nu (2003)
  • Puto (2007)
  • Chato-boy (2011)


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