Secret Agent (video game)

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Secret Agent
Secret Agent Screenshot.jpg
Developer(s)Apogee Software
Publisher(s)Apogee Software
Designer(s)George Broussard Edit this on Wikidata
Programmer(s)Peder Jungck
Artist(s)George Broussard
Jim Norwood
EngineCrystal Caves engine
Platform(s)DOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Release1 February 1992
Genre(s)Side scrolling platform game
SoundPC Speaker
DisplayEGA 320x200

Secret Agent (also known as "Secret Agent Man"[1]) is a side-scrolling platform video game, developed and published by Apogee Software. It was intended for release on October 1, 1991 but was delayed and ended up by being released exactly five months later.[2] It was re-released in 2013 on with support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

The first episode is shareware, while the remaining two are sold directly by the publisher.

Secret Agent uses the same game engine as the earlier Crystal Caves.


The player controls the titular secret agent, known only under his codename "Agent 006½". Each game is divided into 16 levels; there is no fixed order in which to play them, but the "main fortress" cannot be accessed until the other 15 levels have all been completed.

Each level is a labyrinthine structure. The objective in each level is to locate and destroy a radar dish, then exit the level. A bundle of dynamite is needed to blow open the exit doors. Agent 006½ is typically hindered by locked doors which require keys to be opened; laser beams which kill instantly, block access to areas of the level, and must be deactivated by finding a floppy disk and bringing it to a computer terminal; human and robotic enemies, most of which can be killed with Agent 006½'s rifle; and environmental hazards such as spikes or pools of acid and water. Agent 006½ begins a level with three health points. If he loses all three, he dies, and the level restarts, with the player's score reset to what he began the level with. Enemies and certain hazards detract one health point when they hit Agent 006½, while others (such as landmines) kill him instantly.

The player may need to make use of pushable barrels to reach higher areas. Some of the levels also contain special goggles, which, when collected, cause a number of platforms to become visible, allowing access to previously unreachable areas.

Power-ups include ammunition, sneakers that increase Agent 006½'s speed for a short duration, and a gun which allows faster shooting. There are also items which merely give points. When a human enemy is killed, he is replaced by a gravestone; the player can either destroy it (earning 100 points) or pay his respects (earning 1,000 points). Each level also includes the letters "S", "P" and "Y". The player is awarded 10,000 points if he picks them up in the right order, and 25,000 points if he completes the level without taking any damage. There are also items that cause ailments like a ½ item that slows Agent 006½'s speed for a short duration, and a question mark which reverses the function of the left and right keys for a short duration.

Cultural references[edit]

The names of the episodes are references to popular movies and television shows: "The Hunt for Red Rock Rover" is a pun on the film The Hunt for Red October, "Kill Again Island" is a play on Gilligan's Island and "Dr. No Body" is a reference to the film Dr. No. The default high score list consists of popular fictional spies such as Jim Phelps and Maxwell Smart.


The world record for completion of the first episode, "The Hunt for Red Rock Rover", is currently held by ajfirecracker. He registered a time of 26 minutes and 12 seconds on September 4, 2017.[3]


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