Secret Ambition

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For the Michael W. Smith song, see i 2 (EYE).
"Secret Ambition"
Single by Nana Mizuki
from the album Great Activity
B-side Heart-Shaped Chant, Level Hi
Released Japan: April 18, 2007 (2007-04-18)
Format CD
Genre J-rock, pop rock, J-pop
Label King Records
Nana Mizuki singles chronology
Justice to Believe / Aoi Iro (2006) Secret Ambition (2007) Massive Wonders (2007)
Alternative Cover
Secret Ambition Cover 2

Secret Ambition is the 15th single from Japanese singer Nana Mizuki. Secret Ambition saw a massive change in Nana Mizuki's music style, dramatically changing from pop and powerpop to an explosive rock sound.[1][2]

Secret Ambition was the first opening theme for the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS and the B-side, "Heart-Shaped Chant" was the theme song for PS2 game Shining Wind). It is currently her second best-selling single.

Music video[edit]

The dark ego in Nana Mizuki's PV for Secret Ambition

The music video of "Secret Ambition" starts off with a scene showing what a white room with a floor covered in looks like a white tea set of china ware. The video features two Nana egos - a "dark" one, and an "innocent" one. The dark one is singing on a stage in dark-coloured clothes, with a dark background and a backing band consisting of guitar and drum players who are also dressed in black or dark colours. The "innocent" one sits crouched in the white room with the cups, in white clothes.


  2. Heart-shaped chant
  3. Level Hi!
    • Lyrics: Chisato Nishimura
    • Composition, arrangement: Shinya Saitou
    • Ending theme for TBS TV series Gacchiri Monday! (がっちりマンデー?)
  5. Heart-Shaped Chant (without NANA)
  6. Level Hi! (without NANA)


Chart Peak
Sales Time in
Oricon Weekly Singles #2 75,256 19 weeks