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Not to be confused with Secret Agent Man.

Secret Asian Man is a syndicated comic strip written and drawn by Tak Toyoshima and published in Boston's Weekly Dig, Metro Silicon Valley, San Jose Mercury News, RedEye, Nichi Bei Times, AsianWeek, Georgia Asian Times, The Everett Herald, and on the internet.[citation needed]

The strip has appeared weekly since 1999 and covers the author's biography and Asian American issues. Secret Asian Man often centers its discussion on what it means to be "Asian American," as well as other race and ethnic-related issues. Its title is a mondegreen referring to the song "Secret Agent Man" or the TV series Secret Agent Man. "Secret Asian Man" was picked up for syndication by United Feature Syndicate for its daily run, which ran from July 16, 2007, to September 19, 2009.


All issues of Secret Asian Man feature Osamu "SAM (Secret Asian Man)" Takahashi, who is a Japanese American artist modeled after the author. SAM has three major friends: Richie, a white man; Charlie, a black man; and Grace Patterson, an East Asian American who was adopted by white parents. Along with them, SAM also has a cynical and sarcastic spiky-haired cousin named Simon. SAM's wife Marie is Italian, and they have a son named Shintaro, and a newborn son, Bob.

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