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This article is about the current company, not the former Dream Quest Images that was renamed Secret Lab under Disney ownership
Secret Lab
Industry Video game development
Founder Paris Buttfield-Addison
Jon Manning
Headquarters Hobart, Australia
Products Video games

Secret Lab is an independent computer game developer based in Hobart, Australia. Their best known products are the Play School Play Time and Art Maker apps for iPad, developed for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Secret Lab's founders, Paris Buttfield-Addison and Jon Manning, are co-authors of the books iPhone and iPad Game Development for Dummies, Unity Mobile Game Development for Dummies, Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Third Edition, iOS Game Development Cookbook, and Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Third Edition.[1][2][3][4][5]

Secret Lab was slated to develop the Tiki Bar TV video game, Day of the Tiki.[6][7] Secret Lab also developed the tie-in video games for Canadian superhero web series, Heroes of the North.

In December 2010, Secret Lab's founders were jointly awarded one of Australia's most prestigious awards for technology, the Pearcey Award by then Premier of Tasmania David Bartlett.[8] Secret Lab was also awarded three Tas ICT Awards in 2010: "Success in Exporting ICT Solutions", "Excellence in Digital Media or E-Marketing" and the "Tas ICT President's Award for Excellence".[9] In 2013, Secret Lab received the Tas ICT Award for "Best Software Product" for their work on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Play School Play Time app for iPad.[10]

Secret Lab was responsible for the development of a number of popular iPad Applications, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Foodi app for iPad, as well as the Play School Art Maker and Play Time apps for iPad. Both Foodi and the Play School Art Maker app were finalists for the 2011 Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) Awards in the "Best Cultural and Lifestyle" and "Best Application on a Tablet or Mobile" categories respectively.[11] In 2013, Secret Lab's Play School Play Time app was a finalist for the AIMIA "Best of Tablet - Entertainment" and "Best of Tablet - Learning and Education" awards, and went on to win "Best of Tablet - Entertainment" and the overall "Best of Tablet" AIMIA awards.[12]


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