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Secret Rivals (Chinese: 南拳北腿) aka Northern Leg, Southern Fist aka Silver Fox Rivals is a 1976 kung fu film directed by James Nam and Ng See Yuen and starring Hwang Jang Lee, John Liu and Wong Tao.


Northern Leg (John Liu) travels across China to find the man responsible for the death of his parents. The culprit is none other than the Silver Fox (Hwang Jang Lee), a feared martial arts expert and bandit. Silver Fox has also caught the attention of Southern Fist (Wong Tao), a government agent. While Southern Fist and Northern Leg are both after the same man, they discover that alone they are no match for Silver Fox. The two heroes must combine their skills, knowing that it is the only way to gain success against their awesome adversary.

In the course of finding and defeating the Silver Fox, both Northern Leg and Southern Fist fall for the same woman, the daughter of the owner of the inn they stay at for the duration of the movie. Throughout the movie they both vie for her attention, asking questions of the butler at the inn and a child who follows Southern Fist throughout the film.


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