Secret Rivals 2

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Secret Rivals 2 (Chinese: 南拳北腿鬥金狐) aka Silver Fox Rivals II is a 1977 Hong Kong martial arts-action film starring Hwang Jang Lee, John Liu and Tino Wong.


after travels far from Seoul South Korea,Picking up almost exactly where the original "Secret Rivals" ended: the death of the dreaded Silver Fox. Mourning over the death of Silver Fox is his brother, Gold Fox (again played by Hwang Jang Lee), who vows revenge against Northern Leg and Southern Fist. But Gold Fox is unable to find Southern Fist and must instead fight his brother (Tino Wong), who is saved in the nick of time by Northern Leg. After escaping, the two once again need to combine to defeat their dreaded enemy. But Gold Fox has taken precautions--he's brought backup: four expert kickers and four expert boxers.


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