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Secret & Whisper
OriginKelowna, British Columbia, Canada[1]
Alternative rock
Years active2007–2011 (Hiatus)
LabelsTooth and Nail Records
Associated actsStutterfly
Shreddy Krueger
My Broken Hero
Oceans Apart
Skateboard Dinosaur
MembersCharles Finn
David Ecker
Jason Ciolli
Ryan Loerke
Jordan Chase
Past membersBradyn Byron

Secret and Whisper (often typeset as Secret & Whisper) is a post-hardcore band from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Secret and Whisper formed after the band Stutterfly replaced their departed vocalist and decided on a new name. Their first album, Great White Whale was released on February 12, 2008.[3] The band's first single was "XOXOXO"[4] followed by "Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)".[5] Their second album, Teenage Fantasy, was released on April 6, 2010.


Formations and Great White Whale (2007-2010)[edit]

The band, consisting of five members, was called Stutterfly until a key member, Chris Stickney, decided to leave shortly after they were dropped from Maverick Records. Stickney soon moved to a band called Oceans Apart.[6] The rest of the band, Bradyn Byron, Jason Ciolli, Jordan Chase and Ryan Loerke, approached Charles Finn (then named Charles Furney), a friend and former member of thebleedingalarm, who used to tour with them,[7] to be their new lead singer. The new line-up became Secret and Whisper on February 24, 2007. They decided to think of a new band name because of the completely different sound that Charles' voice brought to the band.[1]

Teenage Fantasy, hiatus and recent events (2010-present)[edit]

On September 15, 2009 in a MySpace blog, Charles announced the official departure of Bradyn Byron. The band has since recruited David Ecker as guitarist. David Ecker previously played guitar for Oceans Apart with former Stutterfly member Chris Stickney.

The band has mentioned a new website with the release of the new album 'Teenage Fantasy', a music video for one of the songs, and a video update on many occasions but have yet to produce on any of these. Teenage Fantasy's first single was "Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)". The album was released on April 6, 2010.[8] No music video was released off the album.

On November 25, 2010, reported that Charles had been recruited to fill Cove Reber's abandoned vocalist spot in Saosin.[9] One day later, on November 26, Saosin themselves denied these claims on their Facebook page:

Thanks for the update from strike gently But, unfortunately, we DO NOT have a new singer yet, and its not Chris [sic] from Secret & Whisper. INFORMATION POLLUTION! Stick to the squirt videos, homeboy - SAOSIN[10]

On February 4, 2011, they released B-Side track "Pixie" on myspace.

It was announced on July 12, 2011 via Facebook note that the band was going on a hiatus.[11]

Members of S&W Jordan Chase, Ryan Loerke and David Ecker have since gone on to form the band Shreddy Krueger.

Charles Finn released a teaser for the solo album on his official YouTube account.[12] Pantherman Records, a record company started by Finn in July 2012, announced on the official Facebook page that 'Don't Be Sad' will be released on October 9, 2012, and that Finn has started another project called Faux Fur that hoped to release an EP in 2013.[13] Since that time two songs off the album 'Don't Be Sad' were uploaded to Finn's YouTube ("Church Youth" and "100 Friends Living in My Mouth"), but Facebook pages of Charles Finn, Faux Fur and Pantherman Records were deleted.

In 2012 Jason Ciolli joined the band Scissorkick.[14]

Band members[edit]



Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak Certifications
(sales threshold)
2008 Great White Whale 25 33
  • US: 25,000
2010 Teenage Fantasy
  • Released: April 6, 2010
  • Label: Tooth and Nail Records
  • Format: CD, digital download
11 18
  • US: TBA


  • "XOXOXO" (Great White Whale)
  • "Vanishings" (Great White Whale)
  • "Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)" (Teenage Fantasy)

Songs on compilations[edit]

  • Canada Rocks, "XOXOXO" (CMC Distribution, 2008)
  • Songs From The Penalty Box, Vol. 6, "XOXOXO" (Tooth & Nail Records, 2009)


  • Two of the songs from their first album, "Attacker" and "You Are Familiar", were featured during televised professional Starcraft matches in Korea as introduction songs.
  • Charles Furney changed his surname to Finn after finding out more about his family heritage.
  • Charles Finn has made a guest appearance on My Broken Hero's album "Man of Science, Man of Faith" in the song "Colours".
  • Charles Finn has also designed the album art for the band ARLEEN on their upcoming album "Two Sided Sky",with a release date cited "TBA" on their official facebook page.


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