Secret of the Andes (film)

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Secret of the Andes
Directed by Alejandro Azzano
Starring Roshan Seth
Camilla Belle
David Keith
Nancy Allen
John Rhys-Davies
Jerry Stiller
Release date
November 14, 1998
Running time
101 minutes
Country Argentina
United States
Language English

Secret of the Andes (El secreto de los Andes) is a 1998 Argentine fantasy adventure film. Directed by Alejandro Azzano, it stars Roshan Seth as a powerful shaman, Camilla Belle as a 9-year old young girl with unusual gifts, David Keith as her archaeologist father, Nancy Allen as her mother and John Rhys-Davies as a Catholic priest.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

When Diana's behavior causes her to be suspended from her school in New York City, her mother takes her to join her father, an archaeologist working in a village in the Andes. He is looking for the missing half of the golden disc of Huáscar, which legend says can grant eternal life. Diana meets the local shaman and discovers her own mystical powers.



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