Secretariat for Economy and Finance (Macau)

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The Secretariat for Economy and Finance (Chinese: 经济财政司; Portuguese: Secretariado para a Economia e Finanças) is a department of the Macau Government The Secretariat is responsible for economic, financial and labour affairs the region.

Prior to 1999, the department was known as Secretariat for Economic Coordination.

List of responsibilities:

  • Macau Economic Service
  • Finance Services Bureau
  • Statistics and Census Bureau
  • Labour Affairs Bureau
  • Social Security Fund
  • Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau
  • Pension Fund
  • Consumer Council
  • Economic co-operations with Mainland China
  • Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute
  • Macau Monetary Authority
  • Human Resources Office

List of Secretariats[edit]

Order Name Assumed office Left office Term
1 Francis Tam Pak Yuen.jpg Francis Tam Pak Yuen
20 December 1999 20 December 2004 1
20 December 2004 20 December 2009 2
20 December 2009 20 December 2014 3
2 Lionel Leong Vai Tac
20 December 2014 Incumbent
Term ends on 20 December 2019


Chief of Office[edit]

  • Lok Kit Sim

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