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The Secretariat for Security (Chinese: 保安司; pinyin: Bǎo'ān Sī; Portuguese: Secretaria para a Segurança) is the government department responsible for public safety and security in Macau. The role replaced the former post of Secretary for Public Security. It is responsible for managing the Macau public security and police agencies.

Subordinate Entities[edit]

The following bureaus are controlled under the MSF:

  • Public Security Police Force
    • Immigration Department of the Macao Special Administrative Region is a sub unit under Public Security Police Force
  • Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau
  • Judiciary Police
  • Unitary Police Service
  • Macau Prison
  • Fire Services Bureau
  • Academy for Public Security Forces
  • Customs of Macao SAR

List of Secretariats[edit]

Order Name Assumed office Left office Term
1 Cheong Kuoc Vá
20 December 1999 20 December 2004 1
20 December 2004 20 December 2009 2
20 December 2009 20 December 2014 3
2 Wong Sio Chak
20 December 2014 Incumbent
Term ends on 20 December 2019


  • Lei Siu Peng - Public Security Police
    • Ma Io Kun - Deputy Commissioner Public Security Police
    • Lei Man Kim - Deputy Commissioner Public Security Police
  • Wong Sio Chak - Director, Judiciary Police
    • Cheong Ioc Iong - Deputy Director, Judiciary Police
    • João Augusto da Rosa, Judiciary Police
  • Loi Kam Wan - Commissioner of Macau Fire Service
    • Eurico Lopes Fazenda - Deputy Commissioner Macau Fire Service
    • Lei Pun Chi - Deputy Commissioner Macau Fire Service

Office of the Secretary for Security[edit]

The Secretariat's offices are located a the former San Francisco Barracks located near to what is now S. Francisco Garden.

Chief of Office[edit]

  • Vong Chun Fat

See also[edit]

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