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Secretariat of the Caribbean Community Headquarters, Guyana.

The Secretariat of the Caribbean Community is the principal administrative organ for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and is headed by the secretary general, who is the chief executive officer of the community.

The mission statement of the secretariat is: To provide dynamic leadership and service in partnership with Community Institutions and groups, toward the attainment of a viable, internationally competitive and sustainable Community, with improved quality of life for all.

The original home of the CARICOM Secretariat (and its precursor the CARIFTA Secretariat) was at Colgrain House (specifically the southern half of the building, while the northern half was used as the residence of the secretary-General) on Camp Street, Georgetown, Guyana.[1] Ground was broken for a new CARICOM Secretariat headquarters on February 25, 1998, at Liliendaal/Turkeyen.[2] Construction of the CARICOM Secretariat Headquarters Building commenced in May 2001 and on 19 February 2005 the building was officially commissioned in an inauguration ceremony. The building was officially handed over to the CARICOM Secretariat on 15 July 2005 and the secretariat commenced operations in the building on 26 July 2006.[3]

Intergovernmental organization[edit]

The secretariat comprises the following:



  • Foreign and Community Relations
  • Human and Social Development
  • Regional Trade and Economic Integration

Together these positions comprise the Executive Management of the Organisation and are responsible for the strategic management and direction of the Organisation and for working closely with the councils and their Chairpersons to promote the implementation of decisions


The main functions of the secretariat are to:

  • Initiate or develop proposals for consideration and decision by the relevant Organs in order to achieve Community objectives
  • Initiate, organise and conduct studies
  • Provide, on request, services to Member States on Community-related matters
  • Service meetings of the Organs and Bodies of the Community and take appropriate follow-up action on decisions taken
  • Collect, store and disseminate relevant information to Member States
  • Assist Community Organs in the development and implementation of proposals and programmes
  • Mobilise resources from donor agencies to assist in the implementation of Community Programmes
  • Prepare the draft Work Programme and Budget of the Secretariat for examination by the Budget Committee
  • Provide, on request, technical assistance to national authorities to facilitate implementation of Community decisions; and
  • Conduct, as mandated, fact-finding assignments in Member States


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