Secretary of State of Montana

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Secretary of State of Montana
Corey Stapleton

since 2017
TypeSecretary of State
First holderLouis Rotwitt
WebsiteOfficial homepage of the Montana Secretary of State

The Secretary of State of Montana is one of the elected constitutional officers of executive branch of the U.S. state of Montana.

The current Secretary of State is Corey Stapleton.


The Secretary of State's Office is composed of five divisions:

Other duties[edit]

The Secretary is the keeper of the Montana state seal, and also serves on the Montana Board of Land Commissioners, which administers school trust lands.[1]

The Montana Secretary of State Records Center, located in Helena, shares the duty of archiving official state e-mails with an archivist who reports to the Governor.[2]

List of secretaries of state of Montana[edit]

# Name Term of office Party
1 Louis Rotwitt 1889—1897 Republican[3]
2 Thomas S. Hogan 1897—1901 Populist
3 George M. Hayes 1901—1905 Democratic
4 Abraham N. Yoder 1905—1911 Republican
5 Thomas M. Swindlehurst 1911—1913 Democratic
6 Adelbert M. Alderson 1913—1916 Democratic
7 Charles T. Stewart 1917—1927 Republican
8 Robert N. Hawkins 1927 Democratic
9 William Powers 1927—1928
10 John W. Mountjoy 1928—1929 Democratic
11 William E. Harmon 1929—1933 Republican
12 Sam W. Mitchell 1933—1955 Democratic
13 S. C. Arnold 1955—1957 Republican
14 Frank Murray 1957—1981 Democratic
15 Jim Waltermire 1981—1988 Republican
16 Verner Bertelsen 1988—1989 Republican
17 Mike Cooney 1989—2001 Democratic
18 Bob Brown 2001—2005 Republican
19 Brad Johnson 2005—2009 Republican
20 Linda McCulloch 2009—2017 Democratic
21 Corey Stapleton 2017—present Republican

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