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Secretary of State of Nebraska
Bob Evnen

since January 10, 2019
TypeSecretary of State
Term length4 years
First holderThomas B. Cuming
WebsiteOfficial homepage of the Nebraska Secretary of State (Flash/Dynamic HTML website)

The Secretary of State of Nebraska is one of the constitutional officers of the U.S. state of Nebraska. In Nebraska, the Secretary of State is elected for a four-year term. Vacancies are filled by appointment by the Governor of Nebraska.

The current officeholder is Bob Evnen, who took office in 2019.


The Secretary of State's Office is composed of four divisions:

Additional duties[edit]

The Nebraska Secretary of State is the keeper of the Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, and the state's main advisor on youth civics education. The Secretary is also in charge of filing, certifying, and distributing state agency rules and regulations which are to become part of the Nebraska Administrative Code. The Secretary is the state's "chief protocol officer", with the duty of promoting commerce, cultural exchange and educational studies between Nebraska and foreign nations.

Boards and commissions[edit]

Nebraska Secretary of State holds ex officio these posts of the following boards and commissions:

List of secretaries of the Territory of Nebraska[edit]

# Name Term of office
1 Thomas B. Cuming 1854—1858[5]
Acting John B. Motley 1858
2 J. Sterling Morton 1858—1861
3 Algernon S. Paddock 1861—1867

List of secretaries of the State of Nebraska[edit]

# Name Term of office Party
1 Thomas P. Kennard 1867—1871 Republican[5]
2 William H. James 1871—1873 Republican
3 John J. Gosper 1873—1875 Republican
4 Bruno Tzschuck 1875—1879 Republican
5 S. J. Alexander 1879—1883 Republican
6 Edward P. Roggen 1883—1887 Republican
7 Gilbert L. Laws 1887—1889 Republican
8 Benjamin R. Cowdery 1889—1891 Republican
9 John Clayton Allen 1891—1895 Republican
10 Joel A. Piper 1895—1897 Republican
11 William F. Porter 1897—1901 Democratic/Populist
12 George W. Marsh 1901—1905 Republican
13 A. Galusha 1905—1907 Republican
14 George C. Junkin 1907—1911 Republican
15 Addison Wait 1911—1915 Republican
16 Charles W. Pool 1915—1919 Democratic
17 Darius M. Amsberry 1919—1923 Republican
18 Charles W. Pool 1923—1927 Democratic
19 Frank Marsh Sr. 1927—1933 Republican
20 Harry R. Swanson 1933—1941 Democratic
21 Frank Marsh Sr. 1941—1951 Republican
22 James S. Pittenger 1951—1953 Republican
23 Frank Marsh Jr. 1953—1971 Republican
24 Allen J. Beermann 1971—1995 Republican
25 Scott Moore 1995—2000 Republican
26 John A. Gale 2000—2019 Republican
27 Bob Evnen 2019—present Republican

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