Secretary of State of New Mexico

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Secretary of State of New Mexico
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Brad Winter

since December 15, 2015
Term length Four years
Formation 1912
First holder Antonio J. Lucero
Website Secretary of State of New Mexico
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The Secretary of State of New Mexico is one of the elected constitutional officers of the U.S. state of New Mexico.

From 1923 to 2015, every Secretary of State of New Mexico had been a woman. The position became vacant in October 2015 due to the resignation of Dianna Duran after criminal charges were filed by the New Mexico Attorney General alleging the conversion of campaign funds to personal gambling debt.[1] Brad Winter was appointed as her successor.[2]


The Secretary of State's Office is composed of four divisions:[3]

Other duties[edit]

The Secretary maintains records of bills signed into law, referendum petitions, and legislative journals, and ensures that proposed amendments to the New Mexico Constitution are published in at least one newspaper in every county in the state for four consecutive weeks, in both English and Spanish. The Secretary also serves as registered agent for service of process for foreign corporations in some lawsuits.[10]

List of New Mexico Secretaries of State[edit]

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Antonio J. Lucero 1912 1918 Dem
2 Manuel Martínez 1919 1922 Rep
3 Soledad C. Chacón 1923 1926 Dem
4 Jennie Fortune 1927 1928 Dem
5 E. A. Perrault 1929 1930 Rep
6 Marguerite P. Baca 1931 1934 Dem
7 Elizabeth F. Gonzales 1935 1938 Dem
8 Jessie M. Gonzales 1939 1942 Dem
9 Cecilia T. Cleveland 1943 1946 Dem
10 Alicia Valdez Romero 1947 1950 Dem
11 Beatrice Roach Gottlieb 1951 1954 Dem
12 Natalie Smith Buck 1955 1958 Dem
13 Betty Fiorina 1959 1962 Dem
14 Alberta Miller 1963 1966 Dem
15 Ernestine Durán Evans 1967 1970 Dem
16 Betty Fiorina 1971 1974 Dem
17 Ernestine Durán Evans 1975 1978 Dem
18 Shirley Hooper 1979 1982 Dem
19 Clara Padilla Jones 1983 1986 Dem
20 Rebecca Vigil-Giron 1987 1990 Dem
21 Stephanie Gonzales 1991 1998 Dem
22 Rebecca Vigil-Giron 1999 2006 Dem
23 Mary Herrera 2007 2010 Dem
24 Dianna Duran 2011 2015 Rep
Mary Quintana (Acting)[11] 2015 2015
25 Brad Winter[12] 2015 Present Rep



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