Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered

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Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered
Secrets Can Kill Remastered.jpg
Developer(s) Her Interactive
Publisher(s) Her Interactive
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X

Release date(s) August 24, 2010
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Secrets Can Kill Remastered is the remastered version of the first Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure game by Her Interactive. The game is available for play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It has an ESRB rating of E10+ for moments of violence and drug references. Players take on the first-person view of fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew and must solve the mystery through interrogation of suspects, solving puzzles, and discovering clues. There are two levels of gameplay, Junior and Senior detective modes, each offering a different difficulty level of puzzles and hints, however neither of these changes affect the actual plot of the game. The game is loosely based on a book of the same name Secrets Can Kill (1986).[1][2]


While visiting her Aunt Eloise in Florida, Nancy Drew learns that a high school student named Jake Rogers has been murdered at the local high school, Paseo del Mar, where her aunt is a librarian. An undercover police detective hires Nancy to solve the case.



  • Nancy Drew - Nancy is an eighteen-year-old amateur detective from the fictional town of River Heights in the United States. She is the only playable character in the game, which means the player must solve the mystery from her perspective.
  • Jake Rogers: An unpopular high school student who was found murdered at the bottom of stairs at the high school.
  • Connie Watson: A tough girl who practices Judo. She is the Hall Monitor.
  • Hector "Hulk" Sanchez: A high school jock who's been a champion football player for the last four years.
  • Daryl Grey: The student body president and a waiter at Maxine's Diner.
  • Hal Tanaka: An exchange student from Japan who is trying to become a doctor.
  • Detective Beech: Nancy's undercover police contact who is a new addition to the story and whose name is a play on a billboard that appears in the ending of the original Secrets Can Kill.
  • Mitch Dillon: Mitch is the school's boiler serviceman and is not seen in the game but you can hear his voice when he calls you.
  • Eloise Drew: Nancy's aunt and Paseo del Mar High School's librarian. She is an unseen character.


  • Nancy Drew - Lani Minella
  • Detective Beech - Chris Maxfield
  • Daryl Gray - Ulric Dihle
  • Connie Watson - Brenda Joyner
  • Hal Tanaka - John Truong
  • Hector 'Hulk' Sanchez - Daniel Guttenberg
  • Ned Nickerson - Scott Carty
  • Mitch Dillon - Simon Choule
  • Jake Rogers - Alex Yopp [3]


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