Secrets of Haunted House

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Secrets of Haunted House
Secrets of Haunted House 1.png
Secrets of Haunted House #1 (April–May 1975), art by Luis Dominguez.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
ScheduleBimonthly (#1–14)
Monthly (#15–46)
FormatOngoing series
Publication date(#1–14) April–May 1975 – October–November 1978
(#15-46) August 1979–March 1982
No. of issues46
Main character(s)Cain, Abel, Eve, Destiny, Lucien
Creative team
Written by

Secrets of Haunted House was a horror-suspense comics anthology series published by American company DC Comics from 1975 to 1978 and 1979 to 1982.

Publication history[edit]

The series began in April–May 1975.[1][2] Like its predecessor Secrets of Sinister House, Secrets of Haunted House was originally "hosted" by Cain, Abel, Eve, and Destiny who had moved over from Weird Mystery Tales. By issue #10 (Feb.–March 1978), Destiny was the only one of these who remained a regular. In issue #40 (Sept. 1981), Abel returned with no further mention of Destiny.

A Secrets of Haunted House Special was published in 1978 as part of the DC Special Series umbrella title.[3] Secrets of Haunted House was a temporary victim of the so-called "DC Implosion". With issue #14 (Oct.–Nov. 1978), it was cancelled but revived a year later with issue #15 (Aug. 1979). The title continued until issue #46 (March 1982).[1]

The Mister E character was introduced in issue #31 (Dec. 1980) by writer Bob Rozakis and artist Dan Spiegle[4][5] and became a recurring character for the next ten issues. The final Mister E story appeared in issue #41 (Oct. 1981).[6]

The series' letter column was titled "The Haunted Mailbox".

Collected editions[edit]

  • The Steve Ditko Omnibus Volume 1 includes stories from Secrets of Haunted House #9, 12, 41, and 45, 480 pages, September 2011, ISBN 1-4012-3111-X


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