Secrets of a Windmill Girl

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Secrets of a Windmill Girl
"Secrets of a Windmill Girl" (1966).jpg
British quad poster
Directed by Arnold L Miller
Produced by Arnold L Miller
Stanley A. Long
Michael Klinger
Tony Tenser
Written by Arnold L Miller
Starring Pauline Collins
April Wilding
Renée Houston
Derek Bond
Harry Fowler
Peter Gordeno
Music by Malcolm Lockyer
Cinematography Stanley A. Long
Distributed by Compton
Release date
Country UK
Language English

Secrets of a Windmill Girl is a 1966 British exploitation film directed by Arnold L Miller. It recounts the road to ruin of a young woman (Pauline Collins) who becomes involved with the striptease scene after becoming a dancer at the Windmill Theatre in London.[1][2][3] The film features fan dances by former Windmill Theatre Company performers.[4] It was originally released in Britain as part of a double bill with Naked as Nature Intended.[5]


Critical reception[edit]

A reviewer in TV Guide wrote that "the premise of this film is compelling, but the treatment is empty-headed";[6] and The Spinning Image asked, "and those hoping for titillation? As with so much of the sexually-themed cinema of this (British) nation, they were offered it with a moralistic angle, as if telling the audience off for their prurience."[7]


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