Secrets of the Psychics

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Secrets of the Psychics
Secrets of the PsychicsVideo.jpg
Produced byCarl Charlson
StarringJames Randi
Distributed byNOVA
Release date
October 19, 1993 and March 28, 2000
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States

"Secrets of the Psychics" was a PBS NOVA episode following James Randi's work.[1] Also appearing in stock footage are Peter Popoff, Uri Geller, and many others.

In the program, "Randi argues that successful psychics depend on the willingness of their audiences to believe that what they see is the result of psychic powers."[2]

This program is not to be confused with a later UK documentary Secrets of the Psychics, which was transmitted under this title as well as Secrets of the Super Psychics.

VHS release[edit]

  • Secrets of the Psychics. March 28, 2000 ISBN 1-57807-040-6


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