Sectéra Secure Module

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Sectéra phone with its Security Module
Sectéra Edge
ManufacturerGeneral Dynamics Mission Systems
Compatible networksGSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi
Form factorBar
Dimensions1.3" x 3.2" x 4.9"
Mass12 oz.
Operating systemMicrosoft CE
Memory64–128 MB
Removable storagemicroSD, up to 2 GB
DisplayTFT QVGA Color
2.8 inches 64k colors
ConnectivityUSB, Serial

Sectéra is a family of secure voice and data communications products made by General Dynamics Mission Systems which are approved by the United States National Security Agency. Devices in the family can use either the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or SCIP to provide Type 1 encryption, with communication levels classified up to Top Secret. The devices are activated with a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Sectéra Secure Module[edit]

The Sectéra Secure Module is a device that can provide encryption of both voice and data. It is used in the Sectéra Wireline Terminal for use with standard PSTN devices and has been incorporated into a slim module to use with a Motorola GSM cell phone. The module is placed between the battery and the body of the phone. The phone may be used as a regular GSM phone when the security module is not activated by the PIN.

Sectéra Edge[edit]

Another member of the Sectéra family, Sectéra Edge, is a smart phone that supports both classified and unclassified voice and data communication, including access to the SIPRNET. The Sectéra Edge costs approximately $3,000.

The Sectéra Edge was developed by General Dynamics competing against a product by L-3 under an $18 million contract from the National Security Agency. Available since mid-2008, it is already used by tens of thousands of employees in the intelligence community and the Defense, Homeland Security, and State Departments among others.

It was reported in 2009, that the Sectéra Edge could be the device to replace the BlackBerry of President Barack Obama in order to provide him with secure communications.[1][2] But instead of the Sectéra Edge, a standard BlackBerry device was secured with the SecurVoice encryption software.[3]

The Sectéra Edge was discontinued in 2015.[4]

Sectéra Wireline Terminal[edit]

The Sectéra Wireline Terminal interfaces between a standard telephone and the local exchange to the PSTN. It is connected by standard RJ11 jack. The device cannot be used to communicate without a connected telephone.

Sectéra vIPer Phone[edit]

Sectéra VoIP phone provide both non-secure and secure, end-to-end Voice over IP and PSTN networks.


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