Section 3 of the Constitution of Australia

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Section 3 of the Constitution of Australia deals with the issue of the salary of Governor General. The salary of Governor-General is paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

The salary of the Governor-General is regulated by the Constitution, which fixed an annual amount of 10,000 pounds, unless the parliament decides otherwise. The Constitution states that the salary of the Governor-General may not be increased during his or her term of office. Under the Governor-General Act of 1974 each new commission has resulted in a pay increase. Today, the law ensures the salary is higher than that for the Chief Justice of the High Court, over a five-year period. The annual salary during Michael Jeffery's term was $365,000.[citation needed] Quentin Bryce's salary is $394,000.[citation needed] Until 2001, Governors-General did not pay income tax on their salary; this was changed after the Queen agreed to pay tax.


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