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A destination Sectional Center Facility (SCF) is a Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) of the United States Postal Service (USPS) that serves a designated geographical area defined by one or more three-digit ZIP Code prefixes. A Sectional Center Facility routes mail between local post offices and to and from Network Distribution Centers (NDC), which form the backbone of the network. The following are the USPS SCF's (along with associated airports) by state that, together, form the backbone of the primary mail service in the United States.


Note: Alabama 369 is served by Meridian, Mississippi.


American Samoa[edit]

American Samoa is served by the SCF in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Regional:*Pago Pago, AS (96799)


Note: AZ 864 served by Las Vegas, Nevada; AZ 865 served by Gallup, New Mexico; 854, 858, 861, and 862 are unassigned.


Note: Arkansas 723 served by Memphis, Tennessee; Arkansas 718 served by Shreveport, Louisiana.


Note: CA 961 is served by Reno, Nevada; CA 909 and 929 are unassigned.



Note: 066, 068, and 069 are served by Westchester, New York.


District of Columbia[edit]

Note: Mail deposited in Washington DC may be postmarked from Suburban Maryland,[2] Southern Maryland,[2] Washington, D.C.[2] or Capital District.

  • Washington (200, 202-205), 900 Brentwood Rd NE, Washington DC 20066-9998
    • 200 - street, PO box addresses
    • 202-205 - US government, agencies, etc.


Note: Florida 343, 345, and 348 are unassigned. For 340, see Military below.


Note: Georgia 307 is served by Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Regional post offices:


Honolulu (967-968), served by Honolulu International Airport.

Regional post offices:[citation needed]



Note: Illinois 620, 622, and 628-629 are served by St. Louis, Missouri; 621 is unassigned.


Note: Indiana 470 is served by Cincinnati, Ohio; Indiana 471 is served by Louisville, Kentucky;


Note: Iowa 510-513 are served by Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Iowa 515-516 are served by Omaha, Nebraska; Iowa 526-528 are served by Quad Cities, Illinois; 517-519 and 529 are unassigned.


Note: 660-662 and 664-668 are served by Kansas City, Missouri; 677 is served by North Platte, Nebraska; 679 is served by Amarillo, Texas; 663 is unassigned.


Note: Kentucky 407-409, 417, 418, 425, and 426 are served by Knoxville, Tennessee; Kentucky 410 is served by Cincinnati, Ohio; Kentucky 411, 412, 415, and 416 are served by Charleston, West Virginia; Kentucky 421 and 422 are served by Nashville, Tennessee; Kentucky 423 and 424 are served by Evansville, Indiana; 419, 428, and 429 are unassigned.


Note: 702 and 709 are unassigned.


  • Southern (039-043, 045, 048) 125 Forest Ave., Portland, ME 04101
  • Eastern (044, 046, 047, 049)


Note: 213 is unassigned.

  • Southern Maryland (206-207), 9201 Edgeworth Dr, Capitol Heights MD 20790-9998
  • Suburban Maryland (208-209), 16501 Shady Grove Rd, Gaithersburg MD 20898-9998
  • Linthicum (210-211, 214), 961 Corporate Blvd, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090-2225
  • Baltimore (212, 215, 217, 219, West Virginia 254 and 267), 900 E Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21233-9715
  • Eastern Shore (216, 218), 29060 Airpark Dr, Easton, MD 21601-9997


Note: Massachusetts 010-012 are served by Hartford, Connecticut; Massachusetts 025-027 are served by Providence, Rhode Island.



Note: 552 is unassigned.


Note: Mississippi 386 and 388 are served by Memphis, Tennessee.


Note: Missouri 634-635 are now split between St. Louis and Columbia.; 632, 642-643, and 659 are unassigned.




Note: 682 and 694-699 are unassigned.


Note: 892 and 899 are unassigned.

New Hampshire[edit]

Note: New Hampshire 035-037 are served by White River Junction, Vermont.

  • Manchester (030-034, 038) 955 Goffs Falls Rd., Manchester, NH 03103

New Jersey[edit]

New Mexico[edit]

Note: 872, and 876 are unassigned.

New York[edit]

Note: New York 06390 is served by Hartford, Connecticut.

North Carolina[edit]

North Dakota[edit]

Northern Mariana Islands[edit]

See Guam above.


Note: Ohio 439 is served by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Note: Oklahoma 739 is served by Amarillo, Texas; 732 and 742 are unassigned; 733 is assigned to Austin, Texas.


Note: Oregon 979 is served by Boise, Idaho.


See Guam above.


Note: Pennsylvania 193 is served by Wilmington, Delaware.

Puerto Rico[edit]

Rhode Island[edit]

South Carolina[edit]

Note: South Carolina 297 is served by Charlotte, North Carolina; South Carolina 298 is served by Augusta, Georgia; and South Carolina 299 is served by Savannah, Georgia.

South Dakota[edit]



Note: Texas 755 served by Shreveport, Louisiana. Note: Texas 771 is unassigned.


Note: 842 is unassigned.


Note: 055 is assigned to Middlesex-Essex, Massachusetts.

U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

See Puerto Rico above.


Note: Virginia 246 is served by Bluefield, West Virginia; Virginia 242 is served by Johnson City, Tennessee.


Note: Washington 986 is served by Portland, Oregon. 987 is unassigned.

West Virginia[edit]

Note: West Virginia 254 and 267 are served by Baltimore, Maryland; West Virginia 260 and 265 are served by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; West Virginia 268 is served by Dulles, Virginia; 269 was deleted in 1965.


Note: Wisconsin 540 is served by St. Paul, Minnesota.


Note: Wyoming 821 is served by Billings, Montana.


The Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) takes control of the mail at New York, Miami, or San Francisco, and then routes it to its intended destination.

Note: for military postal purposes Canada, Africa, and the Middle East are in Europe.

Armed Forces Americas[edit]

Armed Forces Americas is served by SCF Miami FL 331

  • Latin America and the Caribbean (340)

Armed Forces Europe[edit]

Armed Forces Europe is served by SCF New York NY 100

  • Germany (090-092)
  • Contingency (093)
  • United Kingdom (094)
  • Ships (095)
  • Italy and Spain (096)
  • Other Europe (097)
  • Middle East/Africa (098)

Armed Forces Pacific[edit]

Armed Forces Pacific is served by SCF San Francisco CA 940

  • Korea (962)
  • Japan (963)
  • Philippines (964)
  • Other Pacific (965)
  • Ships (966)



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