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Sector may refer to:



  • Sector (Star Trek), a fictional area of space-designation in the Star Trek universe
    • Sector, a fictional area of space; for example in the Foundation series, Star Wars, StarCraft, Warhammer 40,000
  • Sector General, a series of books about an interstellar hospital in Space, written by James White
  • Sector Admiral, a fictitious military rank in numerous science fiction sources



  • Cylinder-head-sector (or "CHS"), an early method for giving addresses to each physical block of data on a hard drive
  • Disk sector, a physical subdivision of space on a computer disk-storage medium, specifically a subdivision of a "track"
  • Convex polygonal segment, of map-space used in portal rendering to facilitate calculation of the visibility of objects in a computer display

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  • Sector light, a man-made pilotage and position fixing aid
  • Sector antenna, a type of directional microwave antenna
  • Zone (disambiguation)
  • Region, in terrestrial sciences and astrophysics
  • Area, a quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional surface or shape, or planar lamina, in the plane