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Stratesec (formerly known as Securacom and Burns and Roe Securacom) was a security company founded in 1987 and based out of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.[1] The company went public on October 2, 1997 on the American Stock Exchange[2] and was delisted in 2002.

Company history[edit]

At IPO in 1997, Securacom listed among its clients Washington Dulles International Airport, Hewlett-Packard, EDS, United Airlines, Gillette, MCI, the World Trade Center, and other facilities including hospitals, prisons, corporations, utilities, universities.[3]

Marvin Bush, son of former US president George H.W. Bush, and brother to former US president George W. Bush, served on the board of directors from 1993 to June 2000.[4]

Trademark lawsuit[edit]

After the company went public in 1997, Securacom was ordered to change its name, as the result of a 1995 name infringement suit brought by SecuraComm, a smaller Pittsburgh-based consultancy.[5] The court found a deliberate effort by Securacom to financially "bury" the plaintiff, Ron Libengood, and "take everything he had" by filing a barrage of frivolous arguments against Libengood and his attorneys in multiple jurisdictions. Appellate courts opined that Securacom "tried to prevail by crushing Libengood and his corporation" in a "sweeping attempt to beat a financially weaker opponent through the use of vexatious litigation."[6][7] The company changed its name to "Stratesec" in 1998.[5]


Stratesec was delisted from the American Stock Exchange in July 2002 due to inability to make financing payments to ES Bankest, its primary shareholder, and other financial problems.[8]

See also[edit]

  • Kroll Inc. - Securacom sold security-related equipment to the New York Port Authority for the security of the World Trade Center. Securacom's contract for the sale of equipment was terminated in 1998.


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