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SecurityScorecard, Inc.
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SecurityScorecard is an information security company that rates cybersecurity postures of corporate entities through the scored analysis of cyber threat intelligence signals for the purposes of third party management and IT risk management.

The company is based in New York City, New York, United States, and has rated cyber security exposures for over 1,000,000 global companies across 17 categorized industries. [1]


SecurityScorecard was founded in 2013 by CEO Aleksandr Yampolskiy and COO Sam Kassoumeh.

CRO Alexander Heid joined the organization in 2014.

The team guided the early stages of the company, and as of 2018 reports indicate that the company has reached a size of over 130 employees. [2]

In January 2017, President Donald Trump cited a SecurityScorecard report during the President's first public press conference,[3] commenting on findings from the annual SecurityScorecard Government Cybersecurity Report.

The report indicated that US Government network systems were at 'the worst' level of risk compared to other industries.[4]


SecurityScorecard is software as a service platform that collects, attributes, and scores the overall health of enterprise cybersecurity through the identification of exposed vulnerabilities on corporate digital assets discovered on the public internet.

Color-coded letter grades and numerical scores are calculated based upon the identification of security vulnerabilities on corporate digital assets. Enterprises are scored on multiple categories of risk - such as web application security, network security, public availability of breached data, IP reputation, mentions within underground hacker chatter, and susceptibility to social engineering attacks.

The platform is used by companies to satisfy continuous monitoring compliance requirements related to digital supply chains, as well as for the enforcement of GRC standards.

SecurityScorecard is used in the following markets: financial services, cyber insurance, hospitality, e-commerce, energy, public sector, retail, telecommunications, cloud service providers, and software as a service providers.

Financial history[edit]

SecurityScorecard has received financing rounds from Sequoia Capital, GV, Nokia, Intel, Moody's, NGP Capital and Riverwood Capital.[5]

SecurityScorecard on October 12, 2017, has received $27.5 million in Series C funding from Nokia Growth Partners, Moody's, AXA Strategic Ventures, Intel, Google Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and Evolution Equity Partners.[6]

SecurityScorecard on June 13, 2019, has received $50 million in Series D funding from Nokia Growth Partners, Moody's, AXA Strategic Ventures, Intel, Google Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and Evolution Equity Partners.[7]

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