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Flag of the Security Force Auxiliaries of Rhodesia.svg
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Security Force Auxiliaries or Pfumo Re Vanhu were black private militias in Rhodesia formed during the Rhodesian Bush War, allied with the country's predominantly white government and security forces.

In 1978 the Rhodesian Special Branch created the first SFA in the Msana Tribal Trust Lands (TTL). While the Rhodesian government intended for them only to serve as pro-government, anti-Communist militias, author Matthew Preston argues they became Muzorewa and Sithole's "private armies." By 1979 there were 2,000 auxiliaries. By April there were 10,000. Not only did the auxiliaries protect voters, but in some cities, such as Karoi, Chinamore and Seki, they fought and defeated the Patriotic Front. SFAs used torture to extract information.[1]


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