Security Intelligence Agency

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Security Intelligence Agency
Безбедносно-информативна агенција (БИА)
Bezbednosno-informativna agencija (BIA)
Амблем Безбедоносно Информативне Агенције.png
Emblem of the BIA
Agency overview
Formed1 August 2002
Preceding agency
HeadquartersKraljica Ana Street, Belgrade, Serbia
Employees2,000+ (2022)[1]
Annual budget56.40 million (2020, planned)[2]
Minister responsible
Agency executive

The Security Intelligence Agency (Serbian: Безбедносно-информативна агенција / Bezbednosno-informativna agencija; abbr. BIA) is a national intelligence agency of Serbia. The agency is responsible for collecting, reporting and disseminating intelligence, and conducting counter-intelligence in the interest of Serbia's national security.[3]


The Security Intelligence Agency (BIA) was formed on 1 August 2002 as the successor of State Security Service (SDB), which existed from 1991 to 2002.[4]

Its function is similar to that of the CIA in the United States or the MI6 in the United Kingdom.


In May 2017, Bratislav Gašić, former Minister of Defence and close associate of outgoing Prime Minister and newly elected President, Aleksandar Vučić, was appointed as the head of the Security Intelligence Agency.[5] Following his appointment, Gašić suspended his activities in the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).[6]

In August 2017, an amendments to the Law on the Security and Information Agency, which strengthen the authorities of the agency's director, have arrived in the National Assembly for adoption.[7] This move was condemned by several officials including the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance Rodoljub Šabić and former co-Minister of Internal Affairs Božo Prelević.[8] They have stated that these amendments are unconstitutional and thus way creating a platform for "party's intelligence agency" of SNS, aimed at the opposition and citizens opposed to the ruling regime.[8][9]


Source: [10]

  Denotes service as acting Director
No. Portrait Name
Took office Left office
No image.png Andreja Savić
(born 1947)
1 August 2002 24 January 2003
1 No image.png Miša Milićević
(born 1960)
25 January 2003 6 March 2004
2 No image.png Rade Bulatović
(born 1958)
6 March 2004 17 July 2008
3 No image.png Saša Vukadinović
(born 1972)
17 July 2008 3 August 2012
4 Nebojša Rodić Crop.jpg Nebojša Rodić
(born 1953)
3 August 2012 3 September 2013
No image.png Dragan Marković
(born 1965)
3 September 2013 25 October 2013
5 No image.png Aleksandar Đorđević
(born 1970)
25 October 2013 23 May 2017
6 Bratislav Gasic.jpg Bratislav Gašić
(born 1967)
23 May 2017 Incumbent

In popular culture[edit]

  • Serbian TV series Državni službenik follows the work of one BIA field agent.[11][12]
  • Documentary TV series produced by Radio Television of Serbia Tajne službe Srbije explores the history and lives of notable people during the history of the Agency.[13]
  • Novel Služba (English: Service) by the former BIA agent Goran Živaljević[14]

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