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Seda Aznavour (1971)

Seda (Patricia) Aznavour (born May 21, 1947) is a French-Armenian singer and artist, the daughter of Charles Aznavour.[1]

She studied at the Armenian Virgins College of Paris, at Jan-Luciere and Matie Alter musical schools.

She started her musical career in 1960's, as a radio and TV singer, then released "Rien Que Nous" album (with David Alexandre Winter). She recorded the "Safo" (1970) movie songtrack (written by Georges Garvarentz), played in several French films.

In 1960's she moved to United States, where in 1980 she gave a concert tour with Lucy Saroyan. In 1988 Seda recorded "Chants traditionnels Armeniens" album where she performs Yes Qo Ghimetn Chim Gidi (Ես քո ղիմեթն չիմ գիտի) song by Sayat-Nova in a duet with Charles Aznavour. In 2010 they recorded a new duo in Armenian.[2]

Selected discography[edit]

  • Suis le soleil, United Artists Records
  • On ne valse plus à Vienne, FTC / Discodis
  • Les marins, FTC
  • Juste un dernier verre, FTC / Sofrason - Saïga
  • Pour moi toute seule, United Artists Records
  • Rien que nous, (David Alexandre WINTER et Seda AZNAVOUR), 1971, Barclay
  • Peut-être…!, 1971, Barclay
  • Les champignons hallucinogènes, 1972
  • Chants traditionnels Armeniens, 1988, MusArm


  • La Part des lions (The Lion's Share, 1971)
  • Paris au mois d'août (Paris in August, 1966)

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