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Sedgemoor District
Official logo of Sedgemoor
Shown within Somerset
Shown within Somerset
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Constituent countryEngland
RegionSouth West England
Ceremonial countySomerset
Admin HQBridgwater
Created1 April 1974
 • TypeNon-metropolitan district
 • LeaderDuncan McGinty
 • CouncilConservative
 • MPs:Ian Liddell-Grainger C, James Heappey C
 • Total217.90 sq mi (564.36 km2)
 (mid-2019 est.)[1]
 • Total123,178 (Ranked 187th)
Time zoneUTC0 (GMT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)
Post Code
Area code01278
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Sedgemoor is a low-lying area of land in Somerset, England. It lies close to sea level south of the Polden Hills, historically largely marsh (or "moor" in its older sense).[2] The eastern part is known as King's Sedgemoor, and the western part West Sedgemoor. Sedgemoor is part of the area now known as the Somerset Levels and Moors. Historically the area was known as the site of the Battle of Sedgemoor.

Sedgemoor has given its name to a local government district formed on 1 April 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972, by a merger of the municipal borough of Bridgwater, the Burnham-on-Sea urban district, Bridgwater Rural District and part of Axbridge Rural District. The district covers a larger area than the historical Sedgemoor, extending north of the Polden Hills across the Somerset Levels and Moors to the Mendip Hills.

On 1 April 2023 the district will be abolished and replaced by a new unitary district for the area at present served by Somerset County Council. The new council will be known as Somerset Council.[3] Elections for the new council took place in May 2022, and it now will run alongside Sedgemoor and the other councils until their abolition in April 2023.[4]


Sedgemoor does not mean "sedge moor", but is instead "marsh of a man called Sicga" from the Old Norse personal name Sicga and Old English mor "moor".[5] The name was recorded as Secgamere in 1165.



Image Name Status Population[6] Former local authority Coordinates Refs
Street scene showing road junction with houses and cars Ashcott Civil parish 1,186 Bridgwater Rural District 51°07′N 2°49′W / 51.12°N 2.81°W / 51.12; -2.81 (Ashcott) [7][8]
Street scene. On the left of the road is a half timbered house where the first and second storeys have irregular black wooden beams showing through white painted walls. Axbridge Town 2,057 Axbridge Rural District 51°17′N 2°49′W / 51.29°N 2.82°W / 51.29; -2.82 (Axbridge) [7][9]
Stone building with square tower. In the foreground are gravestones. Badgworth Civil parish 525 Axbridge Rural District 51°16′N 2°52′W / 51.27°N 2.87°W / 51.27; -2.87 (Badgworth) [7][9]
Brown stone building with red roofs and central square tower. In the foreground are gravestones. Bawdrip Civil parish 506 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 2°56′W / 51.15°N 2.94°W / 51.15; -2.94 (Bawdrip) [7][8]
Wooden hulk of ship, surrounded by wet sand. Berrow Civil parish 1,534 Axbridge Rural District 51°16′N 3°01′W / 51.27°N 3.01°W / 51.27; -3.01 (Berrow, Somerset) [7][9]
Looking due north at a beach, caravan sites and village in the distance seen from the top of a hill Brean Civil parish 635 Axbridge Rural District 51°18′N 3°01′W / 51.30°N 3.01°W / 51.30; -3.01 (Brean) [7][9]
Red brick buildings in front of grey stone church. In the foreground in a grassy field contained within a hedge and fence. Brent Knoll Civil parish 1,271 Axbridge Rural District 51°15′N 2°57′W / 51.25°N 2.95°W / 51.25; -2.95 (Brent Knoll) [7][9]
Statue of figure with outstretched arm. To the left a tall church spire and the right a circular building with columns. Bridgwater Town 35,886 Bridgwater Municipal Borough 51°08′N 2°59′W / 51.13°N 2.99°W / 51.13; -2.99 (Bridgwater) [7][8]
Large road w2ith houses to left and right and hills beyond. Bridgwater Without Civil parish 428 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 2°58′W / 51.14°N 2.97°W / 51.14; -2.97 (Bridgwater Without) [7][8]
Stone building with prominent square tower. Broomfield Civil parish 249 Bridgwater Rural District 51°05′N 3°07′W / 51.08°N 3.11°W / 51.08; -3.11 (Broomfield, Somerset) [7][8]
Short pier above sand, surmounted by white pavilion with flag poles. Burnham on Sea and Highbridge Town 19,576 Burnham on Sea Urban District 51°14′N 2°59′W / 51.24°N 2.99°W / 51.24; -2.99 (Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge) [7][10]
Small light coloured building behind a hedge and gate. Burnham Without Civil Parish 1,636 Axbridge Rural District 51°14′N 2°58′W / 51.23°N 2.96°W / 51.23; -2.96 (Burnham Without) [7][9]
Small stone building with arched doorway. The church is partially obscured by trees. Burtle Civil parish 388 Bridgwater Rural District 51°10′N 2°52′W / 51.17°N 2.87°W / 51.17; -2.87 (Burtle) [7][8]
Red stone church with square tower. Cannington Civil parish 2,271 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 3°04′W / 51.15°N 3.07°W / 51.15; -3.07 (Cannington, Somerset) [7][8]
View of the roofs of houses amongst trees and fields. Hills in the distance under a blue cloudless sky. Catcott Civil parish 531 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 2°52′W / 51.15°N 2.87°W / 51.15; -2.87 (Catcott) [7][8]
White circular building with four black sails. Chapel Allerton Civil parish 401 Axbridge Rural District 51°15′N 2°51′W / 51.25°N 2.85°W / 51.25; -2.85 (Chapel Allerton, Somerset) [7][9]
Roofs of multiple buildings separated by trees and vegetation. In the distance is a lake and hills. Cheddar Civil parish 5,755 Axbridge Rural District 51°17′N 2°47′W / 51.28°N 2.78°W / 51.28; -2.78 (Cheddar) [7][9]
Stone building with square tower. Chedzoy Civil parish 404 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 2°57′W / 51.13°N 2.95°W / 51.13; -2.95 (Chedzoy) [7][8]
Square stone tower, behind a stone wall and partially obscured by a tree. Chilton Polden Civil parish 698 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 2°54′W / 51.15°N 2.90°W / 51.15; -2.90 (Chilton Polden) [7][8]
Reddish stone building with square tower. Chilton Trinity Civil parish 260 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 3°01′W / 51.15°N 3.01°W / 51.15; -3.01 (Chilton Trinity) [7][8]
Church building with square tower seen within green fields with trees and hills behind. Compton Bishop Civil parish 620 Axbridge Rural District 51°18′N 2°52′W / 51.30°N 2.87°W / 51.30; -2.87 (Compton Bishop) [7][9]
Stone building with square tower at left hand end. In the foreground either side of a path are gravestones in a grassy area. Cossington Civil parish 564 Bridgwater Rural District 51°10′N 2°55′W / 51.16°N 2.92°W / 51.16; -2.92 (Cossington, Somerset) [7][8]
Stone buildings with water in front. Durleigh Civil parish 548 Bridgwater Rural District 51°07′N 3°02′W / 51.12°N 3.04°W / 51.12; -3.04 (Durleigh) [7][8]
Roofs of houses with prominent church spire to the right. Hills in the background. East Brent Civil parish 1,302 Axbridge Rural District 51°16′N 2°56′W / 51.26°N 2.94°W / 51.26; -2.94 (East Brent, Somerset) [7][9]
Road junction with direction sign. In the background is a white painted building with a pub sign saying The Crown. East Huntspill Civil parish 1,146 Bridgwater Rural District 51°12′N 2°59′W / 51.20°N 2.98°W / 51.20; -2.98 (Huntspill) [7][8]
Stone wall with arched gap, overgrown with weeds. Edington Civil parish 372 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 2°53′W / 51.15°N 2.88°W / 51.15; -2.88 (Edington, Somerset) [7][8]
Square stone tower of church with residential buildings. In the foreground grass field contained by wooden fences. Enmore Civil parish 247 Bridgwater Rural District 51°07′N 3°05′W / 51.11°N 3.09°W / 51.11; -3.09 (Enmore, Somerset) [7][8]
Stone building with lighter coloured square tower. In the foreground are gravestones. Fiddington Civil parish 298 Bridgwater Rural District 51°10′N 3°07′W / 51.16°N 3.12°W / 51.16; -3.12 (Fiddington) [7][8]
Stone building with pillars, surrounded by grass. Goathurst Civil parish 193 Bridgwater Rural District 51°06′N 3°04′W / 51.10°N 3.06°W / 51.10; -3.06 (Goathurst) [7][8]
Stone building with square tower, separated from the road in the foreground by a stone wall. Greinton Civil Parish 71 Bridgwater Rural District 51°07′N 2°50′W / 51.12°N 2.84°W / 51.12; -2.84 (Greinton) [8]
White building with grey roof in the middle of green grass area. Lympsham Civil parish 960 Axbridge Rural District 51°17′N 2°57′W / 51.29°N 2.95°W / 51.29; -2.95 (Lympsham) [7][9]
Square church tower showing above tees and shrubs. In the foreground is a grass field with cattle. Lyng Civil parish 338 Bridgwater Rural District 51°03′N 2°58′W / 51.05°N 2.96°W / 51.05; -2.96 (Lyng, Somerset) [7][8]
Stone building with prominent square tower. In the foreground are gravestones. Mark Civil parish 1,478 Axbridge Rural District 51°14′N 2°53′W / 51.23°N 2.89°W / 51.23; -2.89 (Mark, Somerset) [7][9]
Stone building with prominent square tower. Middlezoy Civil parish 725 Bridgwater Rural District 51°05′N 2°53′W / 51.09°N 2.89°W / 51.09; -2.89 (Middlezoy) [7][8]
Square stone tower surrounded by trees and grass. Moorlinch Civil parish 408 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 2°52′W / 51.13°N 2.86°W / 51.13; -2.86 (Moorlinch) [7][8]
Stone building with prominent square tower. In the foreground are gravestones. Nether Stowey Civil parish 1,373 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 3°09′W / 51.15°N 3.15°W / 51.15; -3.15 (Nether Stowey) [7][8]
Stone building with prominent square tower. North Petherton Town 6,730 Bridgwater Rural District 51°05′N 3°01′W / 51.09°N 3.01°W / 51.09; -3.01 (North Petherton) [7][8]
Stone building with square tower Othery Civil parish 642 Bridgwater Rural District 51°05′N 2°53′W / 51.08°N 2.88°W / 51.08; -2.88 (Othery) [7][8]
Stone building with prominent square tower. In the foreground is a road and wall. Otterhampton Civil parish 831 Bridgwater Rural District 51°11′N 3°05′W / 51.18°N 3.08°W / 51.18; -3.08 (Otterhampton) [7][8]
Stone building with prominent square tower. In the foreground are daffodils. Over Stowey Civil parish 352 Bridgwater Rural District 51°09′N 3°09′W / 51.15°N 3.15°W / 51.15; -3.15 (Over Stowey) [7][8]
modern building with shop. Sign over window says Pawlett Country Store & Off Licence. Pawlett Civil Parish 1,038 Bridgwater Rural District 51°11′N 3°00′W / 51.18°N 3.00°W / 51.18; -3.00 (Pawlett, Somerset) [7][8]
Stone building with square tower Puriton Civil parish 1,068 Bridgwater Rural District 51°10′N 2°58′W / 51.17°N 2.97°W / 51.17; -2.97 (Puriton) [7][8]
Stone building with square tower Shapwick Civil parish 536 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 2°50′W / 51.14°N 2.83°W / 51.14; -2.83 (Shapwick, Somerset) [7][8]
Stone cross surrounded by railings on grass area in front of roads and houses. Shipham Civil parish 1,087 Axbridge Rural District 51°19′N 2°48′W / 51.31°N 2.80°W / 51.31; -2.80 (Shipham) [7][9]
White painted building with pub sign saying The Lamb Inn Spaxton Civil parish 1,012 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 3°07′W / 51.13°N 3.11°W / 51.13; -3.11 (Spaxton) [7][8]
Stone building with small square tower. In the foreground is a road and wall. Stawell Civil parish 386 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 2°55′W / 51.14°N 2.91°W / 51.14; -2.91 (Stawell, Somerset) [7][8]
Houses amongst trees seen across fields and hedges. Stockland Bristol Civil parish 165 Bridgwater Rural District 51°11′N 3°05′W / 51.19°N 3.08°W / 51.19; -3.08 (Stockland Bristol) [7][8]
White painted building with black timbers. In the foreground is a road and road sign. Thurloxton Civil parish 153 Bridgwater Rural District 51°04′N 3°02′W / 51.07°N 3.04°W / 51.07; -3.04 (Thurloxton) [7][8]
Gray stone building with square tower Weare Civil parish 658 Axbridge Rural District 51°16′N 2°50′W / 51.27°N 2.84°W / 51.27; -2.84 (Weare, Somerset) [7][9]
Stone building with square tower Wedmore Civil Parish 3,318 Axbridge Rural District 51°14′N 2°49′W / 51.23°N 2.81°W / 51.23; -2.81 (Wedmore) [7][9]
Red stone building with square tower. In the foreground are gravestones. Wembdon Civil parish 3,613 Bridgwater Rural District 51°08′N 3°01′W / 51.13°N 3.02°W / 51.13; -3.02 (Wembdon) [7][8]
Stone building with arched window and square tower, separated from the road by a stone wall and railings. West Huntspill Civil parish 1,414 Bridgwater Rural District 51°12′N 2°59′W / 51.20°N 2.98°W / 51.20; -2.98 (Huntspill) [7][8]
Stone building with square tower Westonzoyland Civil parish 1,801 Bridgwater Rural District 51°07′N 2°55′W / 51.11°N 2.92°W / 51.11; -2.92 (Westonzoyland) [7][8]
Stone building with square tower Woolavington Civil parish 2,115 Bridgwater Rural District 51°10′N 2°56′W / 51.17°N 2.93°W / 51.17; -2.93 (Woolavington) [7][8]




Light industry now predominates, but traditional trades including peat extraction, willow crafts and cider making may still be found, in addition to livestock farming. The River Parrett provides a source of eels (anguilla anguilla) and elvers from January through to May.

Also notable is the new Isleport trading estate at Highbridge, which houses many global businesses such as Geest (Isleport Foods) who make yoghurt under franchise to Ski & Muller, Brake Brothers who supply the catering trade, BFP wholesale who supply dry goods to bakeries etc., Woodbury & Haines who supply furniture globally, Polybeam Limited who supply GRP radio masts to customers such as Marconi, and also AT&T whose centre there controls all internet cable traffic to and from the US.

Industry in Bridgwater has also seen major growth recently with the opening of "Express Park" which houses Gerber Foods (a global fruit juice supplier), NHS Logistics depot and Eddie Stobart depot. South of Bridgwater, at Huntworth, is a large Somerfield depot which supplies their Somerfield and former Kwik Save stores in the south west.


Sedgemoor District Council[edit]

The Sedgemoor district was established in 1974 and is based in Bridgwater. It covers a mostly rural area between the Quantock Hills and the Mendip Hills.

Members of UK parliament[edit]

The area is falls within the Bridgwater and West Somerset and Wells county constituencies which are represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom by the first past the post system of election. The current MP for Bridgewater and West Somerset is Ian Liddell-Grainger,[11] a Conservative; for Wells the MP is James Heappey, also a Conservative, who won the seat in 2015 from Tessa Munt, a Liberal Democrat.[12]


Schools (those which are not independent) in Sedgemoor are operated the Children & Young People's Directorate of Somerset County Council, although some such as The Kings of Wessex School in Cheddar have distanced themselves from the county council by opting for foundation and then subsequently academy status.

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