Seducing Maarya

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Seducing Maarya
Seducing Maarya - DVD cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byHunt Hoe
Produced byHunt Hoe
Written byHunt Hoe
StarringNandana Sen
Mohan Agashe
Cas Anvar
Vijay Mehta
Music byJanet Lumb
Dino Giancola
CinematographyMichael Wees
Edited byPhyllis Lewis
Hunt Hoe
Release date
21 June 2000
Running time
107 min

Seducing Maarya is a 2000 Canadian English drama film directed by Hunt Hoe with Nandana Sen, Cas Anvar, Vijay Metha, Ryan Hollyman and Mohan Agashe playing the lead roles.

The film won best director award at the Newport Beach International Film Festival in 2000.[1]


Vijay Chatterjee, a lonely widower is a successful restaurateur in Montreal. He hires Maarya, who recently emigrated from Calcutta, to work in his restaurant. Considering her to be an apt girl for her son Aashish, he gets her to marry him. Thoroughly Westernized Aashish, it turns out is a homosexual. But she plays along, keeping the secret from the elder Chatterjee, so that she can remain in the country. As he realizes the newly married couple are not behaving like one, he decides to teach his son the art of seducing a woman, oblivious to his orientation. He ends up falling in love with her himself. As she is eventually involved with her benefactor and now father-in-law, things get more complicated when Zakir, her jealous knife-wielding brother (and her lover in India), enters their lives and Maarya is found to be pregnant.[2][3]


  • Nandana Sen as Maarya
  • Mohan Agashe as Vijay Chatterjee
  • Cas Anvar as Zakir
  • Vijay Mehta as Ashish Chatterjee
  • Ryan Hollyman as Michel
  • Abhishekananda Singh Birla as Babu
  • Cecile Cristobal as June Moon
  • Hunt Hoe as Albert Woo
  • Xavier Georges as Spike
  • Todd Moxness as Skip - Band
  • Kanika Kapoor
  • Paraish Misra as Young Zakir
  • Mary Wong as Mother / Baby - Park
  • Chloe Wong-Mersereau as Mother / Baby - Park
  • Veena Sharma as Young Maarya


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