Sedum anglicum

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Sedum anglicum
Sedum anglicum.jpg
Scientific classification
S. anglicum
Binomial name
Sedum anglicum

Sedum anglicum or English stonecrop, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Sedum in the family Crassulaceae.


Sedum anglicum is a low-growing perennial with stubby, succulent, untoothed, alternate leaves. These are often greyish-green, and may turn pink in dry conditions. The flowers are short-stalked and star-like, white (sometimes tinged pink), with ten contrasting stamens and five carpels. The fruits are red.[1]

Distribution and habitat[edit]

Sedum anglicum occurs in western Europe, including Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain.[1] It is usually found on dry rocks, walls and sand dunes, often near the sea.[2] It prefers thin, acidic soils and thrives in rock crevices and on cliffs, and also grows inland on walls and hedge banks.[3] In Great Britain, it is much more common in the west of the country than in the east.[4]


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