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IndustryInformation technology
FoundedSeptember 2008 (2008-09)
  • Ben Berkowitz
  • Kam Lasater
  • Jeff Blasius
  • Miles Lasater
Headquarters770 Chapel Street, 3rd Floor,
New Haven, Connecticut
Key people
Ben Berkowitz (CEO)

SeeClickFix is a digital communications system company founded and based in Downtown New Haven, Connecticut. The company runs a website and app which assist users in communicating with local governments about non-emergency issues. SeeClickFix was established in 2008, with co-founder Ben Berkowitz as CEO.[1]


SeeClickFix publishes a web tool which allows people to report non-emergency neighborhood issues to local government bodies. The tool has a free mobile app that maps user comments. Users may add comments, suggest courses of action, or add video and picture documentation. Users can receive notifications based on selected areas and keywords. The tool is also used by 300 cities which pay the company for request management and back office work order services. One hundred eighty city halls publish a white-labeled SeeClickFix app. Examples include Houston and Detroit.[citation needed]

The site allows for anonymity of reporting, which, according to the company, may encourage participation.

SeeClickFix covers more than 25,000 towns and 8,000 neighborhoods, both in the United States and internationally. The system has built its strongest networks in Oakland, California,[2] and Detroit.[3] The site received its 50,000th issue report in August 2010—from Sonora, Mexico.[4]

By 2012 participating news organizations included The New York Times, the Toronto Star, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, and Philadelphia Inquirer.[5] News outlets following stories from SeeClickFix have prompted responses from local government.[6] While the company still provides freely available tools for local media, its core business and focus since 2012 has been in serving local governments and their constituents.


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