SeeMore's Playhouse

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SeeMore's Playhouse
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 30 (2 Seasons)
Producer(s) King Features Syndicate
S4K Entertainment
Running time 30 Minutes
Distributor Oregon Public Broadcasting
Original channel PBS Kids
Original release September 10, 2006
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SeeMore's Playhouse, is an American children's television series using puppets to teach children about health and safety concepts. It was originally released as home video releases.


  • Seemore the Safety Seal - Puppeteered by Rafael Rodriguez
  • Harry Hippo - Puppeteered by Eric Wright
  • Shades Wolf - Puppeteered by Eric Wright in season 1, David Stephens in season 2
  • Basil Wombat - Puppeteered by Kenneth Mark Berman in season 1, David Fino in season 2
  • Lottie Lamb - Puppeteered by Lindsey "Z" Briggs (Little Miss Gamer of PBC Productions and
  • Penny Pup - Puppeteered by Sarah Frechette
  • Barb Porcupine - Puppeteered by Carole Simms D'Agostino (Barb only appeared in Season 1, she was completely removed in Season 2)
  • Various characters - Puppeteered by Mark Gale


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