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Origin Seoul, South Korea
Years active 2006–2011
  • Mnet (2006–2009)
  • CCM (2009–2011)
Associated acts
Past members

SeeYa (Hangul: 씨야) was a South Korean girl group originally made up of Kim Yeonji, Lee Bo-ram, and Nam Gyuri. When the group debuted in 2006, they were marketed as the female version of SG Wannabe.[1] SeeYa were known for their 2007 hit song "Love's Greetings", and won Best Female Group at the Mnet Asian Music Awards that same year. In 2009 Nam Gyuri left the group to pursue a solo career, and she was replaced by new member Lee Soomi until 2010. The group continued as a duo consisting of Kim Yeonji and Lee Bo-Ram until their disbandment in 2011.


SeeYa's debut album, "The First Mind", was released on February 24, 2006,[2] and was launched with the singles "A Woman's Scent" and "Shoes". The group also released a song did the soundtrack of drama The Invisible Man.[3] SeeYa's first album was met with instant success in the Korean music industry.[4][5] Their second album, "Lovely Sweet Heart", was released on May 25, 2007.[6] The album sold over 81,00 copies in 2007, making it the fifth best-selling album in Korea that year.[7] Their first single, "Love's Greeting",[8] won awards at the 2007 Golden Disk Awards and the MKMF Awards.[9]

In January 2008, SeeYa released California Dream,[10] an album which included songs that had been individually released as side-projects. Their album also included three new songs, including the single "Sad Footsteps", which was first released online in December 2007 and topped the charts.[11] On January 31, SeeYa won the "Main Award" at the 2008 Seoul Music Awards.[12] SeeYa collaborated with their label-mates Davichi and Black Pearl in May, creating a project group called Color Pink. The groups released a single together, which was entitled "Blue Moon." Seeya released their third album in September 2008 with an "electronica" song as the lead single, a contrast to the ballads the group had been known for.[13] During promotions for the album, the group addressed the perception that the group was mainly a vehicle for raising Nam Gyuri's celebrity profile.[14]

In April 2009, SeeYa's record label Core Contents Media announced that Nam Gyuri had stopped participating in the group's activities, and that it might take legal action against her. Nam claimed that her contract was over, and she was no longer bound to the company.[15] A month after the controversy between Nam and the record label, SeeYa formed a project group with Davichi and T-ara to release the single "Women's Generation".[16] During a press conference at the music video shoot for the song, SeeYa members Kim Yeonji and Lee Bo-ram acknowledged that they were disappointed by the manner of Nam's departure. Lee argued that the whole group revolved around Nam's wishes, and emphasized that the members had received an advance for a contract of five years.[17] "Women's Generation" topped the Korean mobile charts for four consecutive weeks, and was ranked #4 in mobile downloads for 2009.[18] Core Contents Media announced that Nam had permanently left the group on August 13, 2009. Nam stated in a press release that she had left the group to focus on her acting career, and had no intention of returning.[19] SeeYa then began the search for a new member, and Nam was replaced by Lee Soomi.[20] The group's first release after Lee Soomi joined was the mini-album "Rebloom", which was released on October 28, 2009.

In January 2010, SeeYa teamed up with Davichi and T-ara once more for the release of the song "Wonder Woman". Several months later SeeYa released "Touch My Heart" for the soundtrack of the drama Personal Taste. In July, Core Contents Media announced that Lee Soomi would leave SeeYa to join the company's new group Coed School. SeeYa briefly continued as a duo made up of original members Kim Yeonji and Lee Bo-ram. In December 2010, Core Contents Media confirmed that SeeYa was going to disband after their next album release. The label claimed that the decision was made by the members, who wanted to go their separate ways. Kim Kwang Soo, the head of Core Contents Media, publicly called on Kim Yeonji to renew her contract with the label.[21] However, some reports suggested that the label head's interview was a bad faith effort to hamper Kim Yeonji's future music career by making it more difficult for her to find a new label.[22][23]

SeeYa released their final album on January 10, 2011. The compilation album was entitled "See You Again", and contained two new songs. Nam Gyuri decided to join her former members for the final promotions as a group. SeeYa disbanded after a final performance as a trio, on January 30, 2011 at Inkigayo. In November 2012, Core Contents Media debuted a new group based on the SeeYa, which is named The SeeYa.[24]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album information Chart peak
2006 The First Mind
  • Released: February 24, 2006
  • Label: Poibos Co. Ltd.
1 100,000+
2007 Lovely Sweet Heart
  • Released: May 25, 2007
  • Label: Poibos Co. Ltd.
2 100,000+[25]
2008 California Dream
  • Released: January 2, 2008
  • Label: Poibos Co. Ltd.
1 30,000+[26]
Brilliant Change
  • Released: September 26, 2008
  • Label: Poibos Co. Ltd.
4 30,000+[27]

Mini albums[edit]

Year Album information Chart peak
2009 Rebloom
  • Released: October 26, 2009
  • Label: Poibos Co. Ltd.
2 10,000+


Year Album information
2007 All Star: Composer Jo Young Soo Project Album 1st
  • Released: 2 February 2007
  • Label: CJ Music
2008 All Star: 2nd album Vol.4 - SEEYA & LEEJIHYE
  • Released: 20 March 2008
  • Label: CJ Music
2011 See You Again [Last Album]


Years Awards


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