See Ya (Atomic Kitten song)

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"See Ya"
Atomic Kitten See Ya Cover.jpg
Single by Atomic Kitten
from the album Right Now
Released 27 March 2000
Format CD, Cassette
Recorded Motor Museum Studios
Genre Bubblegum pop
Length 2:52
Label Virgin
Songwriter(s) Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw, Liz McClarnon
Producer(s) Engine
Atomic Kitten singles chronology
"Right Now"
"See Ya"
"I Want Your Love"

"Right Now"
"See Ya"
"I Want Your Love"

"See Ya" is a song by Atomic Kitten, released as the second single from their debut album Right Now. The single peaked at number 6 on the UK Singles Chart,[1] selling 86,773 copies and becoming the group's seventh best selling single in the country. The single also reached number 13 in Belgium and 50 in Ireland.

The single was released around the time of B*Witched's final single, Jump Down, and as such, Atomic Kitten were regarded by many as their replacement. "See Ya" was featured in the film Bring It On.

Music video[edit]

The promotional video for the song features the Kitten's looking through a telescope on a road, and an oven. Then they walk about on the road and singing when looking through a telescope, and singing while they go fishing in a tub, and seen on a tram. During the bridge section, accidental war balls roll around with two big holes in the middle. In the final chorus, the Kitten's are dancing near big white war balls.

The truss bridge the Kittens' cross on the tram in the video is located on the Fillmore and Western Railway at Sespe Creek beside the Old Telegraph Road, Fillmore, California- (34.407353, -118.933831).


Track listing[edit]


  1. "See Ya"
  2. "See Ya" (The Progress Boy Wunda Edit)
  3. "See Ya" (Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix)
  4. "See Ya" (Video)


  1. "See Ya"
  2. "See Ya" (Kitty Karaoke Version)
  3. "Interview With Atomic Kitten"

UK Cassette

  1. "See Ya"
  2. "See Ya" (Sizzling Danish Mix)
  3. "See Ya" (Solomon Paradise Mix)

Official Versions[edit]

  • See Ya (Album Version) - 2:54
  • See Ya (Kitty Karaoke Version) - 2:54
  • See Ya (Sizzling Danish Mix) - 3:19
  • See Ya (Solomon Paradise Mix) - 5:41
  • See Ya (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) - 6:26
  • See Ya (Tuff Twins Mix) - 7:18
  • See Ya (The Progress Boy Wunda Edit) - 3:16
  • See Ya (The Progress Alliance Mix) - 7:55


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