Roman Catholic Diocese of Riez

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Interior of Riez Cathedral

The former French Catholic diocese of Riez existed at least from fifth century Gaul to the French Revolution. Its see was at Riez, in the modern department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.


According to an unsupported tradition, the establishment of the Church in this diocese is attributed to the first century and to Eusebius of Eudochius, companion of St. Lazarus. A certain St. Prosper of Reggio in Emilia (at the beginning of the fifth century) figures in the history of Riez and was perhaps its bishop; however, the first certainly known bishop is St. Maximus (433-60), who succeeded St. Honoratus as Abbot of Lérins and who, in 439, held a council at Riez with a view to improving the condition of the churches of Southern Gaul.

His successor, Faustus of Riez (461-93), also Abbot of Lérins, was noted for his writings against Predestinationists; it was to him that Sidonius Apollinaris dedicated his "Carmen Eucharisticum" in gratitude for hospitality received at Riez.

Robert Ceneau, the pulpit orator (1530–32), afterwards Bishop of Avranches and Gui Bentivoglio (1622–25), who was nuncio in France and defender of French interests at Rome, were bishops there.[1]


To 1000[edit]

  • Maxime (434–460)
  • Faustus of Riez (461–495?)
  • Didime (510?)
  • Contumeliosus of Riez (524–535)
  • Fauste II. (549)
  • Emetere (554)
  • Claudien (573)
  • Urbicus (584–600?)
  • Claude (630–650?)
  • Archinric (seventh century)
  • Absalon (late seventh century)
  • Anthime (700?)
  • Riculfe (789?)
  • Rostan (820?)
  • Bernaire (840?)
  • Rudolf (850?)
  • Edolde (879)
  • Gerard (936)
  • Almerade (990–1030?)





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