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Seed Records was a record label started by Paul Clark in 1972. The label ran until circa 1981, when he started Minstrel's Voyage Music. Seed Records was distributed by Word Records and ABC Records.

Seed Records early-mid 90's[edit]

Seed Records was a short-lived American independent record label owned by Atlantic Records.[1][2] The label has released music by artists such as Tumbleweed, Madder Rose, Leatherface, The Nightblooms, Ivy, Television Personalities, The Pooh Sticks, The Earthmen, and The Pastels.

Seed Records 1999-present[edit]

A London based record label also named Seed Records was set up in 1999 by Rich Bevan and Joshu Doherty of electronica duo Posthuman. Posthuman also promoted a series of events called 'Seed Showcases', including UnderLondonGround, held in the disused underground Aldwych tube station. Artists that played these events included the label's roster, alongside guests such as Aphex Twin, Alison Goldfrapp, Richard X, Plaid, Luke Vibert, T.Rauschmeire, Funkstörung, Mark Moore and many more.

Joshu Doherty left Seed in late 2006, turning over control to Bruce, who had been involved with the label and live events for several years. He is faithfully continuing the label's modus operandi "To Seed, to Grow" of promoting unknown and up & coming acts by releasing their music alongside that of established artists.

The original roster of artists who released music on Seed includes Cursor Miner, Ardisson, Kansas City Prophets, The Doubtful Guest, Digitonal, and Posthuman. A number of these acts have now gone on to sign deals with larger labels.

Seed's current roster includes Zombi, Legowelt, Tobias Schmidt, Antoni Maiovvi, EYES, Skitanja and others including Italo disco producer Alexander Robotnick and world-renowned techno artists Mark Verbos and Neil Landstrumm. As of 2010, the quirky folktronica duo Sleeps In Oysters, Antoni Maiovvi, The Dagger Brothers and 8Bitch (aka Nightwave) were the latest signings to the label. Bastard pop bootleggers, Frenchbloke & Son, have also put out a cassette and USB release with the label.

Sleeps in Oysters second album, Lo!, was released during April 2011. The first 50 editions came with animal masks and sewing kits. Antoni Maiovvi's double album of lost TV OSTs entitled 'Battlestar Transreplica / Trial By Bullet' was released worldwide on 5 September 2011. The first fifty editions of this record came with a Maurizio Merli / Maiovvi t-shirt.

Hot Doctor by The Dagger Brothers was released on 5 March 2012. Remixes were to be provided by Nightwave and Sleeps in Oysters. The special editions came with a 'Singalong a Dagger Brothers' song sheet.

In April 2012, Sleeps in Oysters, put out 'Don't Drum For Other Girls,' a special edition single with remixes by Christ and Diasonic. The Strangest Pet contributed spoken word and Madrid's Carlos Saez produced and directed the video.

The debut album 'Paperships' by Berlin/Bristol duo The Cold Hand was released in May 2012. They have described their music as Funeral Folk.

Australia's, 'The Night Terrors,' released the Monster / Lasers For Eyes EP with Seed in July. Antoni Maiovvi and Ash Wednesday provided remixes.

On 5 November 2012, Seed distributed the final album of the legendary Japanese games music producer Kazuki Sakata.

Halloween 2013 saw the release of The Dagger Brothers' new album 'Bwananapple.' The record comes as a limited-edition USB with songs about Bruce Willis and a lyric sheet. It also included the 'Beast Tour 2009' rockumentary filmed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 and which didn't include any footage of Daniel Kitson.

16 October 2015, Seed put out a limited edition of 100 10" vinyls by Rutger Hauser and Eftus Spectun. This was a joint release with The Lumen Lake and Void of Ovals.

Many of the Seed Records releases are highly limited in number and sought after by collectors and completists. The main genres covered by the label are electronica, techno, post-rock, and IDM. That said, you never really know what you are going to get on a release by release basis.

An A-Z of artists who have released music with Seed Records:

[snyzch] 65daysofstatic 8Bitch (Nightwave) Alexander Robotnick Andreas Tilliander Antoni Maiovvi Ardisson Arthur Mittens Bauri Black E (Cristian Vogel and Ben Mallot) Capracara Cold Fusion Mafia Company Fuck Cursor Miner Dave Tarrida dDamage Debasser Derehctub Dethscalator Digitonal Dressed In Wires Eftus Spectun Eyes Frenchbloke & Son Goodiepal Janos Andersson Jaques Leuder Jazzfinger Kansas City Prophets Kazuki Sakata Le Couteau Jaune Legowelt LJ Kruzer Ludvig Elbaus Machars Action Mark Verbos Mary and Polly Matkore Milanese Mokira MoQ Neil Landstrumm Ola Bergman On/Off Peachfish Plaid Posthuman Redcell Reels Romvelope Rutger Hauser Sancho Skitanja Sleeps in Oysters Snakefork Standard Planets Stendec The Cold Hand The Dagger Brothers The Doubtful Guest The Exgirlfriends The Night Terrors The Shepardtones The Video Age Tobias Schmidt Unit Black Flight Woody McBride Yard Zombi


The following is a list of physical releases from Seed Records. A number of download only releases were also made available from the label, some via password on the official site, others on their page.

Artist Title Format Catalog number Year Notes
Posthuman Posthuman (grey album) CD n/a 2000 hand-made sleeve, limited edition
Posthuman The Uncertainty of the Monkey Double 12" vinyl, CD SEEDCD/LP01 2001
Posthuman Posthuman EP 12" vinyl, CD SEEDEP02 2002 A limited-edition CD, cat. SEEDCD02B was released featuring a different track listing
Ardisson Ardisson EP 12" vinyl SEEDEP03 2002
On / Off Distant Personal CD SEEDCD04 2002 Limited to 100 copies
Ardisson Hardware Handshake EP 12" vinyl SEEDEP05 2003
Various Artists Seed Records Volume 1 CD SEEDCD06 2003
[snyzch] Seed 707 7" vinyl SEED707 2003 Limited to 300 copies
Posthuman Lagrange Point CD SEEDCD09 2003
Digitonal The Centre Cannot Hold EP 12" vinyl, CD SEEDCD/EP10 2004
Vlad & Ardisson / Kansas City Prophets Split 12" vinyl SEED1208 2005
The House Husbands The House Husbands Say... 7" vinyl HH01 2005 Limited to 300 copies
Various Artists Seed 5x5/1 CD SEED5X5/1 2006 Limited to 100 copies. Released in sealed bag with branded aluminium bottle opener.
Various Artists Seed 5x5/2 CD SEED5X5/2 2006 Limited to 100 copies. Released in sealed bag with branded DJ clip-torch.
Various Artists Seed 5x5/3 CD SEED5X5/3 2006 Limited to 100 copies. Released in sealed bag with extra Digitonal CD "SEED5X5/LIVE".
Various Artists Seed 5x5/4 CD SEED5X5/1 2006 Limited to 100 copies. Released in sealed bag with signed photo by Mike Golding of B12.
Various Artists Seed 5x5/5 CD SEED5X5/5 2006 Limited to 100 copies. Released in sealed bag with branded metal lighter.
Posthuman The People's Republic CD SEEDCD12 2006
Sancho Mystery Year CD SEEDCD11 2007 Enhanced CD, contains music video for "As Light Shone, they Fled"
Cursor Miner Suicide Bomber 7" vinyl SEED737 2007 Limited to 300 copies
Various Artists Seed Records Volume 2 CD SEEDCD15 2008
Sleeps In Oysters We kept the memories locked away like the beetles of our childhood, Or how to appreciate someone who is always around CD SEEDCD16 2008 Limited to 250 copies each with individually hand made embroidered sleeves, sealed with wax and hand numbered
Antoni Maiovvi Electro Muscle Cult CD SEEDCD17 2008 Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies
Eyes Night Eyes CD SEEDCD18 2009 Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies
Antoni Maiovvi Shadow of the Bloodstained Kiss CD SEEDCD20 2009 Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies
Various Seed X Part I CD SEEDCD21 2010 Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies
Various Seed X Part II CD SEEDCD22 2010 Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies
Various Seed X Part III CD SEEDCD23 2010 Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies
Skitanja Zombie Tonic CD SEEDCD19 2010 Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies
The Dagger Brothers Space Trumpet CD SEEDCD24 2010 Limited to 200 copies
8Bitch Equinox 12" vinyl SEEDEP25 2010 Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies
Frenchbloke & Son Société de Radiodiffusion de l'homme et du fils Français - Bruit dans l'intérêt de Musique Cassette tape / USB SEED26 2010 Limited to 49 hand-numbered cassettes (10 encased in books) and 15 USB sets
Sleeps in Oysters The Brambles In Starlight 3" CD SEEDEP27 2010 Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies in hand spun wool
Sleeps in Oysters Lo! CD SEEDCD28 2011 Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide. 1-50 deluxe editions of these come with animal masks and sewing kits.
Antoni Maiovvi Battlestar Transreplica / Trial By Bullet 2 x CD SEEDCD29 / SEEDCD30 2011 Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. Editions 1-50/200 come with ltd edition t-shirt designed by African Apparel
The Dagger Brothers Hot Doctor CD SEEDCD31 2012 Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies worldwide. 1-50 special editions come with signed 'Singalong' sheet.
The Cold Hand Paperships CD SEEDCD32 2012 Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies worldwide.
Sleeps in Oysters Don't Drum For Other Girls CD SEEDCD33 2012 Multi-media package.
The Night Terrors Monster / Lasers For Eyes CD SEEDCD34 2012 Edition of 100. Includes remixes from Ash Wednesday and Antoni Maiovvi
Kazuki Sakata Sport WAV/MP3 SEED35 2012 Digital only
The Dagger Brothers Bwananapple USB SEED36 2013 USB stick with film
Eftus Spectun / Rutger Hauser 10" vinyl SEED37 2015 Limited to 100 copies worldwide.


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