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Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Seeds is a company based in Spain, which markets cannabis seeds online. The company was founded in 2003.[1]

As well as selling 1500+ cannabis seeds from over 100 seedbanks worldwide, Seedsman have established their own brand of seeds, including Feminised, Regular and Autoflowering cannabis strains.[2]

In 2007, Seedsman launched their Feminised cannabis seeds range, which included popular strains such as White Widow (Cannabis), Original Skunk, Early Skunk and Power Plant.

Seedsman continued their expansion into the industry by releasing their Autoflowering seed range in 2011, in collaboration with The Joint Doctor, regarded as the father of autoflowering cannabis.[3]

In 2016, Seedsman released a high CBD seed collection, recognising the potential therapeutic use of Cannabidiol.


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