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Seeger is the surname of various people, including an extended family of American musicians.


"Seeger" is one of the variant forms of "Seagar" a surname of Middle English origin based on the given name "Segar" which was formed from Old English "sæ" (sea) and "gar" (spear).[1]

Seeger family of musicians[edit]

  • Charles Seeger (1886–1979), American musicologist, composer, and teacher
(i) Constance Edson Seeger, violinist; first wife of Charles; 3 children
  • Charles Seeger III, (1912–2002) astronomer
  • John Seeger, (1914–2010), high school principal and co-founder of Camp Killooleet, a summer camp in Vermont
  • Pete Seeger (1919–2014), one of the pre-eminent American folk and protest singers of the 20th century
() Toshi Seeger (1922–2013), filmmaker and environmental activist, wife of Pete Seeger; 4 children
  • Daniel Seeger[2]
  • Mika Seeger[2] American ceramic artist; daughter of Pete and Toshi Seeger
  • Tinya Seeger [2]
(ii) Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901–1953), a modernist composer and an American folk music specialist; second wife of Charles; 4 children
  • Mike Seeger (1933–2009), American folk musician and folklorist
  • Barbara Seeger, appeared on Animal Folk Songs for Children (1992) with Mike Seeger and others
  • Penny Seeger, married John Cohen
  • Alan Seeger (1888–1916), American poet; brother of Charles
  • Elizabeth Seeger (1889–1973), teacher at Dalton School and author; sister of Charles and Alan


Legal cases[edit]

"Seeger" may also reference either of two legal cases involving the individuals above:


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