Seerenbach Falls

Coordinates: 47°08′29″N 9°09′35″E / 47.1414°N 9.1597°E / 47.1414; 9.1597
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Seerenbach and Rinquelle Falls

The Seerenbach Falls (German: Seerenbachfälle) are a cascading set of three waterfalls near Betlis of the Amden municipality near the Walensee, Switzerland. The upper cascade has a height of 50 m, the middle one of 305 m, and the lower one of 190 m, for a total of 585 m.[1] The waterfalls form a creek, the Seerenbach, which drains into Walensee.

The middle section (Seerenbach Fall II) is the second-highest waterfall in Switzerland, after the Mürrenbach Fall (417 m).[2]


The Rinquelle (Rin Spring), a karst spring, joins Seerenbach Fall III in the Seerenbach canyon. Behind the spring is a river cave system that was explored between 1953 and 1981.[3] The waterfall of the Rinquelle is 48 m high.[3]


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47°08′29″N 9°09′35″E / 47.1414°N 9.1597°E / 47.1414; 9.1597