Lake Segozero

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Lake Segozero
Lake Segozero NASA.jpg
Seen from space
Location Republic of Karelia
Coordinates 63°18′N 33°45′E / 63.3°N 33.75°E / 63.3; 33.75Coordinates: 63°18′N 33°45′E / 63.3°N 33.75°E / 63.3; 33.75
Type natural lake, reservoir
Primary outflows Segezha River
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 906 km2 (350 sq mi)
Max. depth 103 m (338 ft)

Lake Segozero (Russian: Сегозеро, Finnish: Seesjärvi) is a large freshwater lake in the Republic of Karelia, northwestern part of Russia. It is located at 63°18′N 33°45′E / 63.3°N 33.75°E / 63.3; 33.75. Segezha River is a major outflow from Segozero and it empties to Vygozero. After the hydroelectric power plant was built on Segezha River the surface area of Segozero have risen from 815 km² to 906 km².