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Seeve-Bruecke 3572 Ausschnitt.jpg
Seeve near Jesteburg
Physical characteristics
 - locationLüneburg Heath
 - location
 - coordinates
53°25′29″N 10°06′18″E / 53.4246°N 10.1050°E / 53.4246; 10.1050Coordinates: 53°25′29″N 10°06′18″E / 53.4246°N 10.1050°E / 53.4246; 10.1050
Length40.8 km (25.4 mi) [1]
Basin size472 km2 (182 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionElbeNorth Sea

The River Seeve is a tributary of the Elbe in northern Germany. It is approximately 40 km (25 mi) long. Its source is near Wehlen in the northern part of the Lüneburg Heath. It flows into the Elbe in Over, Seevetal. The municipality of Seevetal is named after this river.


The Seeve in the Untere Seeveniederung few kilometres before joining the Elbe

The Seeve source is located south-east of Undeloh, Wehlen in the northern part of the Lüneburg Heath at an elevation of aubout 67 metres. It passes Holm, Lüllau, Jesteburg, Bendestorf, Ramelsloh, Horst, Lindhorst, Hittfeld, Karoxbostel, Glüsingen, Maschen and Hörsten. It then flows into the Elbe between Over and Wuhlenburg.

In Holm and Horst there are barrages to drive watermills. Just before joining the Elbe, the Seeve passes the natural reserve Untere Seeveniederung.


The Seeve has a relatively steady, low water temperature throughout the year of 7 °C (45 °F) and is known as coldest river in northern Germany.[2]