Sefer Joseph Hamekane

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Sefer Joseph Hamekane the Book of Joseph the Official is a 13th-century Jewish apologetic text. The primary edition (in Hebrew) is by Judah Rosenthal (Jerusalem, 1970). The book is also sometimes translated Book of Joseph the Zealot.[1]

The book is the third oldest of a series of treatises containing selected rabbinical translations of Matthew; Book of Nestor (c. 900), Milhamot HaShem (1170), Nizzahon Vetus (c. 1280), leading to Ibn Shaprut's Touchstone, and Jean du Tillet's Hebrew Matthew, and Rahabi Ezekiel's Hebrew Matthew of the 1750s.


  1. ^ Anna Sapir Abulafia Religious violence between Christians and Jews: medieval roots p94 2002 "This is illustrated clearly in an episode in Sefer Joseph Hamekane (Book of Joseph the Zealot, France, thirteenth century), recounting a conversation in Paris between the 'Chancellor' and two rabbis.29 The Christian claimed that from .."